Multi-story and multi-use buildings, sometimes referred to as skyscrapers, high-rises or tower buildings, are typically found near the city center of an urban or larger population township. With the advent of the elevator and it’s installations at the beginning of the 1900’s, larger buildings became more popular and easier to erect for urban uses.

These structures are considered “multi-use” as they often incorporate apartment or condominium dwellings with retail or commercial tenant space. Other large urban buildings could include hospitals or education use with a wide array of inhabitants on a daily basis.

Typically each multi-story and multi-use downtown building is configured to operate like its own small city. A centralized utility system which includes domestic plumbing, mechanical and electrical utilizes services all the clients in the building, often times with very different needs and demands. These utility systems are highly sophisticated and require precise engineering to ensure stability and longevity of the equipment.

Domestic Water Pumping Systems

The movement of water in multi-story buildings goes through various (and repeated) cycles to ensure its availability remains reliable while at the necessary temperatures. Metropolitan offers a variety of solutions to ensure that domestic water demands in multi-story and multi-use buildings are met by its occupants.

Storm & Sewage Pumping Systems

While fresh water is a limited commodity, the opposite seems to be true for stormwater and wastewater. For as much effort as it takes to supply adequate freshwater, just as much effort is required to ensure buildings are capable of properly removing such seemingly excess water. Learn more about the need for storm and sewage pumping in commercial buildings, including multi-use and multi-story buildings.

Non-Potable/Mechanical Pumping Systems

The means of heating or cooling a building or facility starts with water. As water movement and management experts, Metropolitan Industries can design and engineer various types of packaged pumping systems customized for different applications to provide heating and/or cooling that is both comfortable and efficient.

Water Heating & Temperature Control Systems

Metropolitan’s experience in hot water generation spans across several different methods. Unlike other manufactures who specialize in only one specific method of hot water making, we have the capabilities to properly assess a job site and help determine the best hot water making method without bias. We can custom design, engineer and manufacture the complete hot water system that is just right for your application.

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