Metropolitan Industries is one of the few pump system manufacturers with its own in-house U.L. control panel shop.  This unique capability allows us to design and integrate custom control and monitoring capabilities into new and existing water, wastewater and mechanical systems. We have developed and confidently supplied a diverse assortment of pump and motor control products as well as complete control panels for projects ranging from sump pump installations to large municipal control systems, to variable speed water booster systems. We custom design control platforms to meet specific project criteria.

As a system integrator, Metropolitan has the ability to successfully merge a variety of customer preferred components including custom monitoring system integration, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, flow measurement devices, chemical feed equipment and telemetry into an easy to operate, reliable control system.

U.L. Control Panel Shop

To fill the void in process controls left by commercially available products, Metropolitan aggressively develops U.L. rated process controls to meet the needs of individual end-users. In most instances, by integrating our control systems with existing equipment, optimum system performance is achieved.

Our electrical designers take our experience and project specifications to create a solution for controlling your system. Communications, Monitoring, and Control are all commonly integrated into our systems.

Our custom control panel design and manufacturing capabilities include:

  • U.L. listed manufacturing facility
  • Relay logic
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Control schemes: Pressure, level, smart, flow sensing, current sensing, etc.
  • Enclosures: Available in all types of materials, mounting configurations and NEMA ratings.
  • Power distribution equipment: Motor control centers, distribution panels, transfer switch

Our control panels are compatible with SCADA, including MetroCloud, our own cloud based SCADA system.

  • Applications: Water distribution and wastewater collection.
  • System design: Master controller, RTU, operation interface, hardware and software development.
  • System integration: Existing sites, new sites, monitoring, monitoring and control.
  • Communication: Leased lines, cellular, radi, hardwire, fiber optic, military grade IPSEC VPN connections (Virtual Private Networks)

Our team of in-house control experts also construct back-up power systems.

  • Engine driven electric plants: Diesel, natural gas, with or without sound-attenuation.
  • Battery backup- power source: Sumpro Auxillary Power (single-phase), DST50 Duplex Controller with back-up power (3-phase)
  • Battery-operated pumps: Complete line of pumps and inverter packages.

Motor Controls

Our motor control offerings include various motor options, switchboards, power distribution equipment and medium voltage motor control solutions for major water and wastewater facilities.

We can assist in the design and supply of Motor Control Products such as switchgear including MCCs up to 3000 amp, switchgear and distribution panels and variable frequency drives from single phase small systems and up to medium voltage (2300 volt) three phase gear for major water & wastewater facilities. Motor control centers have become the standard for motor power distribution, but alternative options can be utilized to best fit the needs of customers. Options such as stand-alone switchboards and distribution panels can be supplied to accommodate specific project requirements.

Control system choices designed to start and stop pump motors are typically limited to constant and variable speed drive systems. While constant speed systems are characteristic in the many industries we serve, variable speed systems incorporating variable frequency drives and reduced voltage starts have amassed a great deal of popularity in recent years due to their association with energy savings.

Power components include:

  • Motor control centers
  • Starters (IEC and NEMA starters)
  • Soft starters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Manual and automatic transfer switches
  • Panel boards
  • Lighting panels
  • Electrical accessories

Variable Frequency Drives

Metropolitan is a leader in the application and development of variable speed drives and related control logic.  Our variable speed controls can be integrated into any of our control systems in municipal, commercial and industrial applications, providing more efficient control solutions for domestic water supply, hot water generation, storm and sewage water management, mechanical heating and cooling infrastructures and additional process related systems.

The utilization of variable frequency drives provide a wide range of benefits for a variety of pumping systems. From domestic and municipal to storm and sewage water systems, VFD’s provide several advantages over constant speed systems.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Constant pressure supply
  • Improved system control and operation, including load sharing
  • Steady-state flow
  • Surge and water-hammer reduction
  • Reduced wear and damage to system components
  • Increased pump and motor life

Motor Control Centers

Our control system manufacturing capabilities include the complete constructing of custom motor control centers, providing efficient and reliable motor control capabilities to your plumbing or mechanical infrastructure.

Control System Enclosures

At the heart of every pumping system, you’ll find the control equipment. Whether a simple combination of relays, or a sophisticated PLC, this is where the system parameters are defined, qualified and processed. For this reason, it is imperative that the components are properly protected from the elements of the environment to insure safe and reliable operation of the entire system. Without good protection, it is only a matter of time before the system will fail. From the pristine atmosphere of a research and development lab to the harsh surroundings of a given job site, Metropolitan offers an enclosure for every application.

Our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities allow us to provide custom enclosures of all types and varieties for our pump control systems. From custom designed and constructed housed control systems to customized traffic boxes, Metropolitan can provide an enclosure option that provides the necessary environmental protections while also providing ease of access.

Wall & Pole Mounted Enclosures

Available in NEMA 1 to explosion-proof, these enclosures offer a convenient method of protecting your basic control system when space is limited. For indoor use, pilot lights and operators are conveniently located “through-the-door.” In outdoor locations, the “dead-front” face of the enclosure shields the electrical components from the elements while the pilot lights and operators are located on the inner door.

Available in a variety of enclosure materials.

Weather Protected Traffic Box Enclosures

The “traffic box” is a unique offering introduced by Metropolitan. Designed as an outer enclosure for more sophisticated systems, these units offer a protected environment for the control panel, transfer switch, telemetry and other important equipment. Not only does it provide protection against the weather and vandalism, it provides a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than traditional “uni-strut” mounted systems. Available with stainless steel construction which offers improved protection and an impressive, maintenance free finish.

Housed Control Systems

For the ultimate in control system protection, precast concrete buildings not only protect your control equipment, they can be sized to house standby generators, water pressure booster systems, lift stations, chemical feed equipment and mechanical systems. Metropolitan can design and build complete housed systems in a variety of finishes, colors and styles, while offering a cost-effective solution to standard “brick and block” construction. Precast buildings can be manufactured complete and the factory or field-erected, depending on project specifications. Our housed systems can also be equipped with added heat or air conditioning to provide a temperature controlled environment for added life of the most valuable equipment.

Explosion Proof Control Panels

Metropolitan ‘s control system manufacturing includes explosion proof control panels and electrical control stations for plumbing or mechanical applications that are deemed hazardous. Such applications include areas with concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, liquids or combustible particles. The added use of heavy duty aluminum in our explosion proof control panel enclosures prevent explosive fumes from entering while also ensuring that any internal explosion does not ignite such exterior vapors.

Intrinsically Safe Barriers
Our explosion proof control panels are installed using intrinsically safe circuits, which prevents energy from potential faults on the safe side of the control panel from reaching the hazardous area.


Metropolitan offers a variety of integrated control instruments to ensure that system are continuing to provide sustained performance for their intended application.

  • Temperature sensors
  • Power monitors
  • Float switches
  • Transducers
  • Ion sensors
  • Dissolved oxygen probes
Water Control and Instrumentation Products

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