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At Metropolitan we’ve always said we’re at the forefront of pumping technology, but nothing illustrates this statement more capably than the wide-range of products and innovations we’ve brought to our customers over the years.

We employ a talented team of engineers and water operators dedicated solely to research and development, constantly tracking and developing new technologies to offer our customers new generations of products in an effort to solve the most difficult of challenges in the water and control world.
Our products have revolutionized the industry, making moving, heating and treating water in all pumping quarters more efficient than ever before.

Products, Patents & Trademarks

Since 1957, Metropolitan Industries has provided complete pumping systems that solve a variety of water movement and management challenges for a vast variety of applications. We continue to invest heavily in research and development and as a result, we have over 40 patents and patents pending.

Some of our noteworthy registered products, trademarks and patents include:

  • SUMPRO - For more than 20 years the name SUMPRO has been synonymous with reliability and is recognized as the best battery backup system available.
  • Ion Genesis - The Ion Genesis is most complete and intelligent pump controller on the market, providing the most features and safeguards against the devastation of flooding.
  • Ion Digital Level Control - Our patented Ion Digital Level Control is the most dependable pump switch on the market. These sensors incorporate no moving parts, which is associated with 98 percent of mechanical switch failures.
  • Load Sharing - Our Load Sharing system and method patent allows us to manufacture specialized variable speed control systems for pumping applications which have multiple dissimilar pumps, or pumps which need to operate together under varying hydraulic conditions.

Our ingenuity and engineering prowess have allowed us create products and services designed to tackle pumping obstacles with methods never before imagined. As we move forward, our proven track record assures customers we will continue to develop new techniques to conquer any test in the pumping world.

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Looking for a project partner with the engineering and expertise available to create the next innovative breakthrough in water movement and management?

Our team of pump system and controls experts would love to discuss your upcoming project aspirations.

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