Metropolitan Industries has the ability to supply and integrate all of the components associated with a complete pumping system for the supply, collection, treatment, heating and re-use of water. Regardless of the application our packaged pump systems are designed, engineered and built to meet or exceed the most dynamic water movement and management challenges for municipalities, buildings and facilities. Our complete systems approach has provided us with years of expertise in constructing and perfecting packaged systems for a variety of application types.

From concept through manufacture, our packaged systems are manufactured to meet exact job site specifications. Advantages of our custom systems over built-in place design approaches include sole-source responsibility, meeting required design certifications and streamlining building and regulatory code compliance, all while keeping your project on schedule and simplifying your installation.

Our wide selection of packaged systems are implemented in a variety of municipal, building and facility applications. Explore through the various application categories below to learn more about our capabilities and how we can provide a customized solution for your project.

Our proven design and engineering capabilities allow us to expand our packaged system offerings into additional areas.

Benefits of Packaged Pump Systems

Each project has a unique set of challenges that must be met. We start by thoroughly understanding each system’s initial performance parameters and the likely long-term requirements revolving around the application. These evaluations are considered by our engineering staff prior to the selection, procurement and installation of OEM equipment and components comprising the system.

Our packaged pump systems are custom designed, engineered and built based on the needs of the project, as opposed to straight out of a box. Our team of experienced designers, sales engineers, and programmers can tap into their vast industry experiences, to provide unique design proposals for your packaged pump system’s project application. Our equipment design information will be provided to you in the form which best fits your engineering platform: whether you need written specifications & schedules; two or three dimensional drawings; or solid-models, our information technologies & capabilities will meet all of your needs.

Our sole involvement from the beginning maximizes project coordination, minimizes inventory issues, optimizes installation and ensures continued and reliable service afterwards. As a single source partner, Metropolitan takes responsibility for the proper operation of all of the equipment we supply.

Typical Components of a Metropolitan Packaged System:

  • Electrical distribution equipment
  • Pumps and motors
  • Variable speed drives
  • Control & monitoring integration (including SCADA and cloud SCADA)
  • Standby power units
  • Additional instrumentation such as flow meters, pressure, level transducers, etc.

Controlled Manufacturing and Installation

Our packaged pump systems are manufactured in a controlled environment which allows for the testing of a system prior to job site delivery. This controlled approach minimizes start-up problems in the field and allows for system testing.

Our role as a single source project partner from the beginning also helps to simplify the installation process. Installation of these systems typically involves lifting it off the delivery truck, setting into place and connecting the piping and power to prepare it for operation. Our involvement from the project onset ensures that the team involved in the system’s design and engineering is also involved to ensure the most efficient pump system installation possible.

Customized In-House Fabrication

The combination of all of Metropolitan’s strengths is evidenced by our ability to help customers visualize finished products. Our engineering knowledge and experience in pumping and mechanical equipment joined with our in-house in-fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture complete customized pumping systems that can meet the most intricate project specifications.

From individual system components to large, prefabricated, pre-assembled, ready-to-install housed pump stations, Metropolitan Industries will work closely with end-users and consulting engineers to provide complete turnkey solutions including design assistance, calculations, project drawings and specifications.

Mechanical/Hyraulic Engineering

Metropolitan continues to expand our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. Using CNC machine tools and precision welding equipment, additional system components and package frames are assembled exactly to drawings along with other OEM mechanical equipment. Welders are certified to ASME Section 9 and adhere to our AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specification.

Control System Engineering & Programming

As part of our single source responsibility, Metropolitan Industries has taken a proactive approach to the manufacturing  of customized control and monitoring systems that can be successfully integrated with our engineered packaged pump systems. With our own UL control panel shop and in-house team of programming and networking specialists, we develop complete and customized control and monitoring systems that provide our end-users with flexibility, ease of use and maximum control over each of our packaged pump system system.

All packaged systems and monitoring capabilities can be integrated with an existing application’s building automation system or with any of our SCADA monitoring systems, including cloud based and traditional.

Regardless of what your control and monitoring preferences are, our team of pump and control system experts work together to provide our customers and end-users with a dynamic packaged pump system that provides the water movement and management solutions your application requires.

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