Complete system solutions from one single source partner. From project conceptualization to final installation, our custom engineered systems eliminate the hurdles that come while working with multiple suppliers. Regardless of project requirements or infrastructure types, we can engineer a custom solution that is optimized for your job site's unique specifications.

Our proven design and engineering capabilities allow us to expand our packaged system offerings into additional areas.

Water Solutions Made Simple

While everyday consumers take for granted how easy it is to access water by the turn of a faucet, those of us within the water and pumping industry know firsthand just how complex the “behind the scenes” process is.

The movement and management of water — regardless of its type (fresh, waste or storm), use or destination — requires a sophisticated network, precise engineering and continued maintenance.

At Metropolitan Industries, our endeavor is to simplify the process for engineers, operators and end users alike, for a wide variety of applications and infrastructures.

Packaged Water Solutions

Custom Pump System Design & Engineering

Our custom engineered packaged pump systems are designed and engineered to accommodate the unique set of challenges of a given job site. We start by thoroughly understanding each project’s initial performance parameters and the likely long-term requirements revolving around the application. These evaluations are considered by our engineering staff prior to the selection, procurement and installation of OEM equipment and components comprising the solution.

We work with our project partners to provide complete turnkey solutions including design assistance, calculations, project drawings and specifications. Our equipment design information is prepared in the form which best fits the engineering platform of our partners.

Pump System Design Rendering

Exceptional Solutions for a Multitude of Industries

From water and wastewater infrastructures in municipalities to plumbing and mechanical processes in commercial and industrial applications, our custom pump system engineering and complete systems solve various water challenges encompassing flow distribution, pressure control, treatment, collection, temperature control, hydronics and reuse

Our packaged systems are relied upon to solve the most dynamic water movement and management challenges for public works, high rise buildings, campus infrastructures, individual office buildings, retail buildings, and more.

Packaged Pump Systems for Multiple Applications

Factory Assembled Systems & Performance Tested

Metropolitan has the resources and capabilities to custom engineer systems of all types and sizes. Using CNC machine tools and precision welding equipment, additional system components and package frames are assembled exactly to drawings along with other OEM mechanical equipment. Welders are certified to ASME Section 9 and adhere to our AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specification.

Pump system fabrications are completed at Metropolitan by our dedicated fabrication department, helping keep timelines minimized. All system assembling is completed at Metropolitan within a controlled environment and performance tested prior to delivery to a job site, helping to minimizes start-up problems in the field.

Prefabricated Pump System Packages

Custom Pump Controls & Monitoring Implementation

With our own UL control panel shop and in-house team of programming and networking specialists, we develop complete and customized control and monitoring systems that provide our end users with flexibility, ease of use and maximum control over each of our packaged pump systems.

All systems and monitoring capabilities can be integrated with an existing application’s building automation system or with any of our monitoring systems, including cloud-based and traditional SCADA. Metropolitan works with our project partners to provide intuitive monitoring capabilities that utilize the additional benefits (multi-platform access and mobility, added security, lower costs) that technology has to offer.

Packaged Pump System Controls and Implemenation

Energy Efficient Pumping Systems

Metropolitan understands today’s environmental concerns and consequential requirements. We work with our project partners as part of our pump system design process to develop solutions that save on energy while keeping up with their application’s intricate demands.

Our prefabricated pump systems are equipped with variable speed drives, with the most common being variable frequency drives, which offer several advantages over constant speed systems including reduced energy consumption, constant pressure supply, improved system control and operation, steady-state flow, surge and water-hammer reduction, reduced wear and damage to system components, and increased pump life.

Energy Efficient Packaged Pump Systems

Benefits of Custom Pump System Packages

Working with Metropolitan allows for streamlined communication, coordination and service. Metropolitan has the resources to provide complete per-project customizations to each of our systems, meaning they are custom-tailored to meet exact job site specifications.

Additional advantages over built-in designed approaches include single source responsibility, meeting required design certifications, streamlining building and regulatory code compliance, all while keeping your project on schedule and on budget. Our team of engineers and builders work in-tandem and are fully integrated and engaged with each project from initial planning to final installation

Packaged Pump Systems Dedicated Partner

Working with a Sole System Manufacturing Partner

Metropolitan serves as the single point of contact for the design, assembling and coordinating of your prefabricated pump system project. All of our system components are carefully designed to provide sustained solutions that are both functional and easy to operate.

Our sole involvement from the beginning maximizes project coordination, minimizes inventory issues, optimizes installation and ensures continued and reliable service afterwards. As a single source partner, Metropolitan takes responsibility for the proper operation of all of the equipment we supply.

Custom Fabricated Packaged Pump Systems

Learn more About Our Complete System Approach

We would love to discuss your infrastructure’s water movement and management ambitions and the complete advantages that come with working with Metropolitan Industries.

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