It was the narrowed focus and increased specialization that made the Metropolitan Pump Company a game changer in the pumping industry. Those same qualities are what gives us, today as Metropolitan Industries, the capabilities to custom engineer complete pumping systems equipped with our manufactured controls and integrated monitoring that no one else can match.

Our story begins in 1957 from a home office in Western Springs, IL. When Marty Martinson and John Kochan, Sr. set out to disrupt the pump industry in Northern Illinois and the larger Midwest region, they were focused on one thing — specialization. Recognizing that generalization and a lack of technical knowledge in the industry was preventing sales reps from offering in-depth education and service to customers, an opportunity existed to offer something to pump customers that was sorely needed.

In no time at all, the Metropolitan Pump Company, as we were originally known as, caused a major shift in the pump market thanks to a narrowing of focus and an increase in specialization, which lead to us adopting the philosophy “Growth Through Innovation.” By remaining true to our focus over the past 60 years, Metropolitan has grown with the pump industry while also helping to shape its evolution.

With 60 plus years of continued innovation and proven results, Metropolitan Industries has the capabilities to provide per-project customizations, ensuring that our complete systems adhere to the unique specifications of each individual job.

Today, as Metropolitan Industries, we specialize in the design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated packaged systems  that provide solutions for safe and reliable water supply and treatment, hot water circulation, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, mechanical heating and cooling, water temperature control and water re-use.

Complimenting our prefabricated system manufacturing is the integration of complete control and monitoring solutions via our U.L. control panel shop and our extensive experience in monitoring systems, including both cloud-based and traditional SCADA. Our integrated control and monitoring systems provide end-users with a highly intuitive water management experience.

With a foothold that spans throughout North America, Metropolitan’s complete system solutions provide sustaining results for a wide variety of municipal, commercial, industrial and residential infrastructures. As a project partner that lives by single source responsibility, our in-house repair shop and field service teams are available to provide the necessary technical support and servicing to ensure that critical systems continue to perform at the level necessary for sustained water movement and management.

Since the beginning, Metropolitan has been a family owned and family oriented company. Led by John Kochan Sr. and John Kochan Jr., we’ve always believed that doing the right thing for our customers and our people would lead to all the right things for Metropolitan as a business. As a company, our dedicated workforce has risen to over 150 team members that occupy our current 100,000 square foot facility in Romeoville, IL.

The family oriented vibe within our company carries over to what our customers experience when working with Metropolitan. From consulting engineers to end-users, our customers have come to rely on our engineering prowess and “whatever it takes” approach to providing the most efficient pumping and control solutions to a variety of water movement and management challenges from start to finish.

Though our focus has broadened to cover the larger definition of packaged systems, we’ve remained true to our original goal – specialization. Fortunately, that specialization also applies to our dedication and service from every part of the larger Metropolitan team, inside our facility and out.

Regardless of the evolution of technology and infrastructures, we look forward to continuing to provide solutions that answer most dynamic water challenges with the most advanced pumping systems available on the market!

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