Experience of the Full Potential of SCADA Water Management

SCADA Water Management and Monitoring


Monitor information such as kW consumption, tank levels, pump activity, gallons per minute, or chlorine usage with full historic trends. System flexibility allows operators to adapt system and monitor any information deemed important by users.

SCADA Water Management and Control


Control and adjust system settings from any networked computer. Passwords at every tier of your SCADA system and user privileges protect from unwanted access. Make adjustments from your home, work truck, office or anywhere in the world.

SCADA Water Management and Alerts


Up to the second information will alert operators to an alarm situation and catalog them for future reference and trending. Receive alarm alerts via landline, cell phone, email, SMS text messages, PDA or any other connected devices.

SCADA Water Management and Archiving


Detailed reports of daily, weekly or monthly activity are always accessible. Customize your reports to follow pumping trends, flow activity, radio analysis, booster pressure, alarm history, etc. Be as creative as you’d like. No limit to the amount of information you can report and archive.

SCADA Water Management and Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Our software supports hundreds of cameras from leading camera manufacturers. Monitor multiple remote sites through one convenient interface from anywhere in the world. IP video surveillance utilizes the same broadband infrastructure from many existing SCADA systems.

SCADA Water Management and Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Real-time, up to the second information and emergency alerts accessible to any connected device for a truly flexible SCADA water management experience. Communicate with your system to receive voice-automated updates and/or adjust system settings on the go from your preferred mobile device.

SCADA Control Integration Experts

Metropolitan Industries has been involved with SCADA since its inception, working to stay ahead with new developments and technology so we could offer end users the most current and state-of-the-art features and capabilities available on the market, including cloud-based capabilities. Our in-house team of engineers and programmers have years of experience developing traditional and cloud-based SCADA water management packages that integrate into our wide availability of packaged systems. SCADA packages can be retrofitted into existing applications or be developed from the ground-up for new construction projects.

Our expertise in SCADA technology has allowed us to explore the full potential of cloud-based computing and its role in the next generation of SCADA. The end result is MetroCloud, a cloud based system that provides the same functionality of locally hosted SCADA capabilities without the drawbacks. With MetroCloud, end-users experience a SCADA experience that provides them added flexibility, efficiency and security while eliminating the hassles of large up-front costs, on going maintenance updates and the worry over security.

Whether the project calls for integrating a high-rise building automation, streamlining industrial production or monitoring vital municipal pumping stations, Metropolitan has the knowledge and experience to design, integrate and maintain your custom cloud-based or traditional SCADA water management system that exceeds expectations.

Our years of developing and integrating custom SCADA options includes both new and existing applications. With cloud-based and traditional SCADA options available, Metropolitan can implement a custom package for your new or upgraded system.

Cloud SCADA Control and Water Management

MetroCloud SCADA

Cloud-based SCADA for new or existing project sites.

Retrofit SCADA Upgrade Water Management

Traditional SCADA

SCADA packages for retrofit sites or new construction.

Take Your Water & Wastewater Monitoring to the Next Level

Metropolitan can build a custom SCADA package that accommodates the unique specifications of your new or existing project site.

Our control system experts would love to discuss to learn about your project.

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