We provide top-of-the-service control system integration into a variety of water and wastewater systems, minimizing installation headaches and downtime so that you may continue to get the most out of your water movement and management process.

Getting the most out of your water movement and management infrastructure requires a successful control system integration. As a manufacturer of custom designed and engineered packaged systems, no company understands the need for successful control system integration more than Metropolitan Industries.

Our controls division, established in the late 1970s, has allowed us to keep pace with the rapid growth of plumbing and mechanical system technology. Our control division allows us to offer complete system solutions in terms of delivering packaged systems while allowing for single source responsibility, putting us entirely responsible for system performance. Our control division includes a panel shop that manufacturers panels under various UL listings, allowing them to meet the needs of individual end-users. Energy efficiency and performance are two words paramount to our professionals. A system from Metropolitan delivers savings towards energy costs while offering peak performance during the highest demands.

Our single source philosophy as a pump system manufacturer includes full control system integration. As a project partner from the onset, our team of engineers and water movement experts gain a true understanding of the unique specifications of a given job site, which allows us to develop a truly dynamic control system that is fully optimized for the application.

Metropolitan’s staff of in-house programmers have the experience and resources to develop fully customized SCADA systems that provide control systems with the most state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities available from your preferred devices.

Whether simply looking to upgrade the controls to your existing water, wastewater or mechanical system infrastructure or are utilizing our own design and engineering services for a newly constructed packaged system, Metropolitan can provide streamlined control system integration with intuitive monitoring that results in a productive and sustained water movement and management experience.

Going "All In" with Sole Responsibility

Metropolitan has the ability to supply and integrate all of the components associated with a complete packaged water system.

We take full responsibility for the proper operation of all equipment we supply including electrical distribution equipment, pumps and motors, variable speed drives, controls, SCADA systems, standby power units and related instrumentation such as flow meters, pressure and level transducers, etc.

Benefit of Going with a sole single integrator:

  • For the end-user and consulting engineer alike, there is someone with complete knowledge of the system.
  • A single company to contact when something goes wrong.
  • A company capable of diagnosing the entire system, as opposed to just a single component.

Eliminate the need for self-diagnose system issue and avoiding the "run-around" of suppliers unwilling to claim responsibility. Prevent unnecessary charges and time-delays as a result of contacting the wrong supplier. Experience the peace of mind knowing that Metropolitan Industries, as your full service project partner, has your back to ensure that your system installation is streamlined and that the end result is sustained system performance that continues to provide a fully optmized water movement and management experience.


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