System Controllers

Metropolitan Industries manufactures a complete line of logic controllers that integrate with our wide variety of packaged plumbing and mechanical pumping systems. Whether your monitoring capabilities are powered via a Metropolitan SCADA option (cloud or traditional), MetroMail or your existing building automation system, our team of programmers and pump system experts can successfully implement top of the line control functionality into your water movement and management infrastructure.

  • Integrate with your preferred monitoring system, including cloud and traditional SCADA, building automation system, etc.
  • Cloud ready out of the box.
  • Intuitive monitoring capabilities accessible via preferred desktop or mobile devices.
  • Easily integrates with Metropolitan designed and developed control system packages.

Standard and custom controllers available.

Ion IntelliPump Controller

Ion IntelliPump

Advanced Multi-Application Pump Controller

Its multi pump configurations and pump up/pump down capabilities allow for use in multiple pumping applications. Integrates with standard floats, mechanical alternators or all-digital Ion sensors.

  • User friendly LED display for always visible status alerts.
  • Controls up to 8 pumping configurations - duplex, triplex, quadraplex with jockey and/or emergency pump.
  • Pump up and pump down functions, which allows for integration with a variety of applications
Water Pressure Pump Controllers

MetroTech III Pro

Water Pressure Pump Controller

Delivers precise pressure control, sophisticated communications and an intuitive touch screen operator interface for water pressure booster pump applications.

  • Advanced Proportional-Integral-Derivative pressure control with user adjustable set points and tuning constants.
  • Available communications include BACnet BMS, Ethernet IP, and Cloud based SCADA solutions.
  • Automatic operation and alternation of one to four pumps.
  • Inputs for both local and remote pressure transducers.
  • Boost mode capability for zero flow shut down when combined with an accumulator tank.
  • Optional elevated tank level control strategies.
Lift Station Pump Controller


Lift Station Controller

Complete menu-configurable lift station level management system operated by a color touch screen operator interface. Operation can monitor pump status, adjust set points and view historical data. Easy setup takes just minutes.

  • Automatic operation and alternation of simplex, duplex, or triplex pump systems.
  • Precise level control with adjustable set points and password protection.
  • Single transducer with float switch or second transducer (optional) backup control system.
  • Single or dual wet-well operation.
  • Connection to flow transmitter input for trending and recording (flow transmitter not included).
  • Alarm system programming includes outputs to connect to SCADA, phone dialer, MetroMessenger, Internet, etc. (see communications options below).
  • Available for indoor or outdoor installation with optional enclosures.
  • Choice of PLC’s Namebrand or standard production
Hot Water Temperature Controller


Hot Water & Steam Temperature Management Controller

ThermoTech is a customizable menu-configurable temperature management controller operated through a color touch screen, which enables precise management of a multitude of temperature based processes

  • Cascade control of multiple hydronic boilers or domestic water heaters.
  • Accelerated peak use recovery of stored domestic hot water systems.
  • Precise multi-zone management of domestic and hydronic hot water circulation loops.
  • Priority based management of primary and secondary thermal loops.
  • Management of hybrid systems utilizing multiple heat sources.
  • Maximizing efficient use of renewable energy sources, such as solar-thermal and heat-recovery.
Add SCADA Monitoring to Existing Pump Controller

Metro Monitoring Pro

Adds Cloud-Based DNP3 Monitoring to Existing Control Equipment

Adds the MetroCloud platform to existing applications requiring remote monitoring and control functionality. Provides a cost-conscious and practical option with the full benefits of cloud SCADA and DNP3 without having to add new equipment or undergo a full-blown upgrade.

  • Can be used for large residential, commercial or municipal SCADA applications. Especially ideal for elevated tanks, PRVs, and flowmeter sites.
  • Used to monitor existing and/or non-PLC based controls.
  • Up to 8 analog inputs and 20 digital inputs.
  • Supports a variety of sensors allowing for onboard totalization. Track runs, starts, and flow totals on every input pending connected sensor.
Add SCADA Monitoring to Existing Pump Controller

Metro Monitoring

Adds Remote SCADA to Existing Pump Controls

Metro Monitoring  provide a cost effective way of integrating existing controls into the MetroCloud SCADA System. Simply wire existing analog and digital signals into the Metro Monitoring panel and have all the features of a full blown SCADA system at your fingertips.

  • Can be used for large residential, commercial or municipal SCADA applications.
  • Used to monitor existing and/or non-PLC based controls.
  • 3 models available.
IntelliOil Pump Controller by Metropolitan Industries


Intelligent Oil-Sensing Control System

Detects when oil is present within a sump pit application. Equipped with audible alarms and display alerts to help crews understand the problem situation. Works in normal (water only) conditions, operating pumps based on high or low water levels.

  • System status indicators and audible alarm.
  • Dry contact alerts for power loss, oil in pit and high water level.
  • 3 models available.
Custom Pump Controller Integration for PLC Based Systems

Custom Controls

Custom Integration for Existing PLC Control Systems

Our control system manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a variety of industrial protocols for integration with just about all existing PLC based control systems.

Water Pressure Control System

Pressure Control

(MetroTech3 and MetroTech3 Pro)

Pressure Transducer(s)
Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Switches
Differential Pressure Switches
Variable Frequency Drives

Water Level Control Products

Level Control

(LMS II & LMS Jr.)

Submersible Level Transducer
Bubbler/Pressure Switches
Ultrasonic Level Transducer
Mechanical Float Switches
Capacitance Probes
Electronic Sensors (Digital/Analog)

Water Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control


Flow Monitoring

Water Level Control Variable Frequency Drive Setpoints

Variable Frequency Drives

(Integrates With Any of Our Control Systems)

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Energy Efficiency
Prolongs Pump and Motor Life

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