Intelligent Oil-Sensing Control System
IntelliOil Elevator Sump Pit Oil Detecting System

Detects when oil is present within a sump pit application. Equipped with audible alarms and display alerts to help crews understand the problem situation. Works in normal (water only) conditions, operating pumps based on high or low water levels.

The IntelliOil by Metropolitan Industries is a smart oil-sensing control system designed to detect oil within various applications, including elevator sump pits, electrical utilities, substations or underground vaults. This allows applicable operators to address the situation and avoid the dispersion of oil and hydrocarbons into municipal wastewater collection.

The IntelliOil is equipped with a combination probe and float switch that provides full functionality in both normal (water only) conditions and in the rare event that oil is present. This smart oil-detecting system operates like a typical three float pumping system comprised of on, off and high level float switches, allowing it to turn on or off its connected pump based on water levels. High water levels triggers the IntelliOil’s audible alarm while displaying a high level alarm status. As soon as the oil sensing probes become submerged in oil, the IntelliOil turns the pump off while triggering its audible alarm and “oil in pit” display status.

The IntelliOil’s custom built panel option allows for easy configuration for specific applications, including those integrated with one of our custom packaged Elevator Pit & Vault Systems.

Additional Information:

  • 3 different models
    • 120V, 15A | 120V, 20A | 208/240V, 15A
  • System status indicators and audible alarm
  • Dry contact alerts for power loss, oil in pit and high water level
  • Built in HOA selector and alarm silence button
  • Combination oil probe/off float simplifies installation
  • Can be integrated into three prepackaged models
  • Can be custom designed for specific applications by utilizing the IntelliOil’s circuitry

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