Elevator Pit & Vault Systems

Elevator Pit & Vault Pump Systems

From complete and customized systems to individual components and our manufactured controls, we can provide the precise solution for your project’s unique specifications.

Oil Detection & Separation in Elevators Pits & Vaults

When using pumps to properly discharge ground water seepage from an elevator pit or transfer vault, another concern is the potential for leaking oil that may have mixed with the water. Environmental codes mandate that any water pumped from these applications must not contain oil. Metropolitan’s packaged systems include submersible pump systems capable of detecting oil and properly separating it from water, ensuring that your elevator water removal process is up to environmental codes. Our custom systems approach ensures that we can design and engineer a complete packaged system, equipped with fully dynamic control and monitoring capabilities,  for your elevator or transfer vault application.

  • Conventional single-pump constant speed functionality for a majority of applications.
  • Optional Multiplex configurations (Duplex, Triplex, Custom), when addressing multiple elevator-shafts with a single pump system.
  • Many pump models utilize impellers with well-established semi-open or enclosed design characteristics.
  • Optional vortex-type fully-recessed impellers are available, which help provide mechanical advantages when installed in low-flow/high-head scenarios.
  • Oil-filled motors provided, to enhance the cooling-characteristics of the motor, as well as improved bearing lubrication.
  • Advances in oil-sensing & level-control technology as well as real-time two-way communication capabilities, provide options for virtually limitless human interaction and operational enhancements.
IntelliOil Pump Controller by Metropolitan Industries


Smart Oil Detecting Control System

Detects when oil is present within a sump pit application. Equipped with audible alarms and display alerts to help crews understand the problem situation. Works in normal (water only) conditions, operating pumps based on high or low water levels.

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