Plumbing & Mechanical System Retrofitting

When pump system equipment fails, the luxury of time is not an option when it comes to prioritizing repairs. The better option is to retrofit your existing pump system. Metropolitan Industries’ dynamic availability of customized packaged solutions comes with years of design and engineering expertise, which is regularly put to use in our retrofitting pump system service.

With a pump system retrofitting service project, we can provide your application a solution that is tailored to meet unique application requirements, in addition to our several off-the-shelf  solutions for customers with more standard needs. In addition to providing upgraded pumps and pumping equipment, our vast expertise in controls allows us to provide upgrade control and monitoring capabilities to your retrofitted pump system.

Our retrofitting pump system services can be applied to a variety of plumbing and mechanical applications in municipal, commercial and industrial job sites. Backed by our large inventory of pumps and various pumping equipment, Metropolitan has the resources to service complete and intuitive retrofitting services for your existing pump system. Our in-house team of design and engineering experts are ready to help you upgrade your existing “one-of-a-kind” system to ensure that it provides several more years of exceeding expectations.

Ready to Upgrade Your Existing Water System Infrastructure?

Our proven design and engineering capabilities allow us to provide custom plumbing, mechanical and control system retrofit solutions for existing job sites and applications of all varieties.

Our team of engineers and pump system experts would love to learn more about your current job site and upgrade aspirations.

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