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January 31, 2019

Frozen Coils Causing Problems? We Assist with Custom Measured Coil Replacements

Whether it's a steam or water coil, Metropolitan Industries' heat transfer specialists field measure all replacement coils. This ensures that the installation of that coil will be as quick and hassle-free as possible. Even if you are repairing a leak, you can contact us to schedule a free estimate. Once you have a quote, you [...]
October 23, 2018

Metropolitan Industries Trains Apprentices

Metropolitan Industries is proud to assist the Local 130 Plumbers Union to train apprentices through hands on educational programs throughout the year. This year we have had the privilege of training over 100 apprentices for half-day classes. Each class focuses on proper maintenance and repair of pumps and control equipment. Topics discussed include: safety, record-keeping, [...]
June 21, 2018

Tripling Down on Reliable High-Rise Building Water Pressure at the Double Tree

Vertical multi stage pump system 2100 and a Metro-Tech III controller. Over the years, Metropolitan Industries has worked on designing products and systems for applications large and small. From residential sump pumps to major pressure booster systems for large municipalities, we know how to scale our expertise. We’ve also become familiar with the inner workings [...]
June 4, 2018

Metropolitan Scores Under Par with Booster Pump Engineering Expertise at Top Golf

Golf has become a favorite pastime for many people and Top Golf understands this better than most. It’s true that Top Golf doesn’t take a traditional approach to the sport, and you won’t find yourself walking through 18 holes, but the company and its growing number of more than 35 locations across the country (with [...]