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How MetroCloud Addresses Security with Remote Access SCADA

The Oldsmar Florida water treatment plant attack recently made national news when it disclosed that an attacker had attempted to taint the city water supply. While not all details have been made public, early indications suggest that a remote access application allowed the attacker to control the treatment plant’s SCADA computer. Though these types of [...]

Department Spotlight: Mechanical Engineering Team

Offering solutions that are backed by single-source responsibility means that all components of a project happen in-house. This means we can be confident that our project partners are receiving the very best when working with Metropolitan Industries. Our mechanical drafting team is one of the first departments brought into a project. Their goal is to [...]

Expedited Lift Station Production for Medical Manufacturer Yields a Quick & Successful Installation in Trying Times

Trident Manufacturing headquarters in Pingree Grove, Ill. Agility has been part of Metropolitan Industries' DNA since the very beginning. We know that shifting needs and unforeseen obstacles can mean everything from design changes and shortened lead times to expanded project scopes and access challenges at installation. Nothing surprises us anymore. Then came the 2020 COVID-19 [...]

Sealing the Deal for Sewage Pump Replacement

Seal water system for Terre Haute, IN. In most situations, pump related or otherwise, there are multiple ways to overcome a challenge or solve a problem. With every project we face at Metropolitan, the priority is to address our customers’ needs, but there’s rarely only one right way to do so. The City of Terre [...]

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