Prefabricated house systems have become the new normal when it comes to ensuring long-term performance, sustainability and safety for a variety of water movement and management applications. Complete housed systems provide reliable and efficient options for a variety of water, wastewater and mechanical upgrades, including booster systems, lift stations, control rooms, chemical rooms, effluent reuse stations, and plenty more. Housed systems have especially become popular when upgrading from below-ground pump stations to above-grade, which provides protection to system assets and operators.

Typical applications housed in the prefabricated buildings:

  • Water Booster Systems
  • Chemical Rooms
  • Sampler Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Generator Houses
  • Valve & Meter Structures
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Effluent Reuse Systems

All designs, building and configuring of housed systems are done on-site at Metropolitan’s headquarters.

Interior Housed System Photos

Exterior Housed System Photos

Our housed system manufacturing capabilities include a variety of exterior finishes, including concrete, brick, exposed aggregate, wood and stone. With no shortage of exterior finishing options,  we can construct fully constructed houses to match any nearby existing buildings or to blend in with just about any landscape.

Metropolitan Industries has been at the forefront of the industry’s shift to prefabricated housed systems, having been involved in hundreds of successful installations for a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Metropolitan has the capabilities to manufacture housed systems as part of retrofit upgrades to existing sites or as part of entirely new installations. By combining custom engineering, superior control solutions and single source responsibility, Metropolitan can design, build and deliver a complete housed system that incorporates piping and valves, controls, standby power and more.  All systems are delivered directly to the project site and are ready for install.

Our engineering department will design a system to match any size or configuration requirements. Various housing styles and/or materials are available to meet your system’s needs and appearance. Our superior equipment, pump and control solutions leave you with endless combinations and capabilities. Metropolitan’s custom design features include pump system chemical equipment, generators, variable speed controls and flow meters necessary to meet your project requirements.

Let our project managers work with you one-on-one to create the ultimate pumping or control system. Our 60-plus years of experience coupled with our reputation for being an industry leader is why Metropolitan Industries, Inc. should be your choice for all your water movement and management system design and integration needs.

  • Choose from a variety of facades that “blend in” with any landscape.
  • Attractive designs allow you to place system anywhere.
  • Improves the appearance of job sites, eliminating any eyesores.
  • Superior design and craftsmanship ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Houses can be shipped fully assembled and ready to install, saving time and money.

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Learn how Metropolitan’s prefabricated housed system manufacturing and integration service can provide an optimized upgrade solution to your water movement and management challenges.

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