Ion IntelliPump

Float Based Pump Controller with LCD Display

An advanced pump controller with LED display accessibility. Its multi pump configurations and pump up/pump down capabilities allow for use in multiple pumping applications. Integrates with either standard floats, mechanical alternator or 100% digital Ion sensors.

Self Priming Pump with Ion IntelliPump Controller

Designed for Multiple Applications, Including Sump & Sewage

Integrates with any pump, including Metropolitan’s Self-Priming Pumps, a more accessible and efficiently designed pump for sump and sewage applications. The Self-Priming Pump sits on top of the basin cover, making it more accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Choice of Switch Types

The Ion IntelliPump can be used with traditional style float switches, mechanical alternator float switches or with our digital Ion sensors. The added integration with Ion sensors allows for out of sequence detection in both up and down directions. In addition, Ion sensors use strain gauge technology to overcome reliability and operational issues typical of mechanical floats.

Mountable NEMA 4x Display

User friendly LED display makes status alerts easily visible and accessible to end-users. Eliminates troubleshooting service disruptions because of having to power cycle to get into the panel and resetting the alarm condition.

Controls Up to 8 Pumping Configurations

Duplex, triplex and quadraplex with jockey and/or emergency pump.

Pump Up & Pump Down Functions

Allows for integration with a variety of pumping applications.

Pump Control Panel with Zoomed in Control LCD Display

Pumping Configurations

  • Duplex Pump Down Mechanical Alt
  • Duplex Pump Down
  • Triplex Pump Down
  • Quadraplex Pump Down
  • Duplex Pump Up Mechanical Alt
  • Duplex Pump Up
  • Triplex Pump Up
  • Quadraplex Pump Up

In addition to its eight different pumping configurations, the Ion IntelliPump has a bevy of option selectors for all pumping modes, including Jockey Pump Enable and Emergency Pump Enable.

Pump Up Control

Pump Up Applications

Pump Down Controls

Pump Down Applications

Real Time 3D Visualization

Intelligent Pump Control Operation

Improve pump control capabilities, accessibility and functionality for multiple applications, including sump and sewage areas, with the next generation Ion IntelliPump by Metropolitan Industries.

The Ion IntelliPump is an advanced pump controller capable of working with both traditional style switches or with the Ion sensors, expanding control capabilities while minimizing reliability and operational issues typical of mechanical floats.

The added integration of Ion sensors allows for out of sequence detection in both up and down directions. Its additional pumping configurations, including duplex, triplex and quadraplex with jockey and/or emergency pump options expand potential controller usage.  The Ion IntelliPump’s improved float fail algorithm accommodates all float/sensor failure scenarios to ensure proper pump operation. The addition of adjustable stage and emergency run delay timers allow for more application specific customization.

The Ion IntelliPump’s LED display panel allows end-users to always know system status, eliminating troubleshooting service disruptions because of having to power cycle to get into the panel and resetting the alarm condition.

The Ion IntelliPump can operate as an intrinsically safe pump control for eight different pumping configurations for either hazardous and non-hazardous applications (requires separate Ion ISP module). This lowers the risk of a potential spark, reducing the risk of fire, injury or operational disruption.

The Ion IntelliPump is U.L. recognized and patent pending.

Ion IntelliPump Controller U.L. Recognized

Patent No.: 6,322,325
Patent No.: 6,565,325

  • Duplex Mechanical Alternator, Duplex, Triplex and Quadraplex Pump Modes
  • Adjustable Pump On/Off and Emergency Pump run Delays
  • Jockey and/or Emergency Pumps
  • Pump Up or Pump Down Functions
  • Pump Fail Detection/Pump Run Inputs
  • Built-In Seal Fails and Thermal Inputs
  • External Silence, Reset and Alternation Control
  • Ion Sensor Compatible
  • Optional Cellular Module
  • Dry contacts for Seal Fails, Pump Fails, Float/Ion Sensor Fail and Common Alarm
  • Electrical connections for external operations

Additional Details:

  • U.L. recognized for industrial control panels
  • Control panel (NEMA 1)
  • Control panel equipped with a microprocessor-based process-controller
  • Optional NEMA 3R MEMA 4X-SS or fiberglass inner door kits
  • Motor IEC starter protector standard
  • NEMA starters optional

Optional Communication Modules (Coming Soon)

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Cell

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