Self-Priming Pumps & Systems

  • Upgrade existing submersible or collum style pumps to the more accessible and efficiently designed self-priming pumps.
  • Sits on top of the basin cover, making it far more accessible for maintenance and repairs.

In need of an upgrade to your existing submersible or collum style pumps? Metropolitan’s Self-Priming Pumps have a more efficient design which providing unique advantages over other pump types when it comes to the removal of storm and sewage water from indoor applications. The quick clean-out and back pull-out design of self-priming pumps are cleaner and provide easier access in mechanical applications as opposed to submersible pumps.

The Metro-Prime, our featured self-priming pump assembly, sits entirely on the basin cover eliminating the need to “pull” the pump from the wetwell for service. Any service or maintenance on the Metro-Prime is done entirely above the cover. It’s back pull-out design with only one moving part means that in most instances, the Metro-Prime can be serviced without ever disturbing the suction or discharge piping.

  • Clean, sanitary and dry
  • Easily accessible
  • Eliminates hoists
  • Serviceable by one person

Whether your storm and sewage application calls for a complete system solution or individual components, our extensive inventory allows us to provide customers with the pumping equipment they need, especially in critical repair situations.

Self Priming Pump System

Sewage & Sump Pump Retrofit Upgrade

Commercial Building - Lake County, IL

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Advantages of Self-Priming Pumps

  • All equipment is above the cover
  • Quick clean out and easy maintenance
  • Low cost installation and repair
  • Close-coupled design and grooved suction elbow
  • Premium efficiency motors and impellers

Low Cost Installation and Repair

Our self-priming pump systems are shipped as complete packages, ready to set in place and bolt to the basin cover. Optional items such as electrical panels and suction pipes can be installed in minutes. Because our systems incorporate only one moving part, the integral shaft, and impeller, repair is seamless and inexpensive. Impellers, volute lip plates and suction wear rings can be replaced at low costs after wear occurs.

Close-Coupled Design and Grooved Suction Elbow

Our self-priming pumps incorporate a close-coupled design, allowing end users to remove its entire rotating assembly without disturbing piping. They are also engineered with a grooved suction elbow design, which provides further ease to the installation process.

Premium Efficiency Motors and Impellers

A hallmark of all of our commercial systems, our self-priming pumps are designed to provide efficient operation. These systems utilize a close-coupled, heavy duty, premium efficiency motor, and also apply fully enclosed impellers incorporating a solid bronze wear ring and a more efficient design.

Sophisticated Control Integration

For complete control of your self-priming drainage pump system, we recommend including one of Metropolitan’s custom-engineered controls panels. These panels include our exclusive Intellipump logic system and notification alarms if levels rise to unsafe limits.

Storm & Sewage Pumping Upgrade

If you’re tired of removing bulky submersible pumps for regular maintenance or repairs, Metropolitan’s self-priming pumps may provide an alternative option for your storm and sanitary sewage applications.

Get in touch with Metropolitan to learn more about the full capabilities of our self-priming pumps and how they can provide a significant upgrade to your overall storm and sewage pumping operations.

Our team of pump system experts and engineers can  design a customized solution for your specific application requirements. All systems are factory assembled at Metropolitan and performance tested before leaving our facility to ensure that the final product adheres to project requirements. As a single source partner, our project management ensures that the entire process is well coordinated from conceptualization to installation, providing engineers, contractors and end-users with a seamless experience.

Metro Prime 35/45 MPC - Impeller and Lip Plate Replacement

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Let's Have a Conversation About Self-Priming Pumps

We’d love to talk more about how Metropolitan Industries designed, engineered and built self-priming pumping systems can be integrated with your next storm and sanitary drainage project.

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