Cloud SCADA Water and Wastewater Monitoring System Remote Pump Monitoring Capabilities Powered by MetroCloud

Cloud SCADA Water & Wastewater Monitoring

MetroCloud is a dedicated cloud SCADA water and wastewater monitoring service by Metropolitan Industries. MetroCloud takes SCADA pump control technology to a higher level by providing end-users with state-of-the-art and intuitive pump control capabilities. MetroCloud empowers municipal and building managers full capabilities to monitor and manage their pump systems from anywhere, with enhanced control efficiency, security and reliability.

MetroCloud’s built-in functionality provides the same features expected from a traditional locally hosted SCADA computer, minimizing the learning curve among end-users. With multi-notification options via voice calls, SMS messaging or email, end-users can rest assured that they can always stay updated with their application’s pumping system. MetroCloud is available on multiple carriers, giving end-users the power of choice when it comes to staying connected.

Metropolitan’s complete systems approach includes a complete line of packaged pump systems that are “MetroCloud ready.” To learn more about the full capabilities of MetroCloud and implementation with your pumping system, call the Metropolitan Industries dedicated MetroCloud customer service team at 877-89MTCloud or visit

MetroCloud SCADA Platform

Our pump system and control experts would love to discuss your project and the benefits of Cloud SCADA technology.

Give the MetroCloud team a call at 877-89MTCLOUD or learn more by visiting our dedicated MetroCloud brand website.