Pressure Boosting Pump Systems

  • Custom engineered prefabricated boosting pump systems designed and factory assembled to meet specific project requirements.
  • Full project coordination from a single source partner from conceptualization to implementation.

Ensuring Reliable Water Pressure Delivery

The distribution of water often involves several cycles of vertical and horizontal movement before finally being dispersed to the end-user. Upon release from its designated plumbing fixture, the water pressure is expected to be comfortable and usable for the end-user while adhering to local city and/or state code. Whether boosting water into a four-story building or a 100-plus story high-rise, Metropolitan’s pressure boosting pump systems are custom designed and built to ensure optimum performance for each specific application.

Custom Engineered & Prefabricated Systems Approach

Our packaged systems are engineered in-house at Metropolitan by our team of engineers and programmers. Our in-depth water movement and management expertise allows for us to custom build packaged booster pump systems that are designed for specific applications, helping solve the most complex water pressure challenges.

Metropolitan’s complete skid-mounted water pressure boosters come complete with pumps, motors, piping, valves and control – all of which are factory assembled and tested. Our water pressure booster systems are ideal for medium to high pressure applications, with compact packaged designs allowing for them to be placed virtually anywhere.

Booster Systems Equipped with Our Manufactured Controls

Our pressure boosting pump systems can also be fully integrated with Metropolitan custom-programmed control systems, providing the water pressure necessary to appease users for any commercial application while operating at peak electrical efficiency. Our booster systems may also be configured as part of a custom prefabricated housed system, built by Metropolitan. Housed stations are constructed for purposes of convenience, security, aesthetics and more. Our capabilities include a wide variety of exterior finishes and interior piping needs to match existing facilities or to give your site a brand new look.

Real Time 3D Visualization

High Rise Hotel Water Pressure Boosting Pump System

High-Rise Hotel Water Pressure Boosting Upgrade

DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves ensure that the water distribution to each specific fixture is delivered at a pressure that is both comfortable for the end-user while compliant with city or state codes. After having the necessary pressure added by a booster pump as it makes its way up or across a building or structure, the water pressure then must be adequately reduced in order for its distribution to be fit for its fixture (based on levels or floors). Water pressure issues also exist when a significant pressure differential between hot and cold supply pressure exists.

Municipal Applications

Our design and assembling prowess can also be utilized for the engineering of water booster systems for municipal infrastructures. Our municipal-based systems may be fully equipped with our own manufactured controls, with complete monitoring system integration – including cloud-based and traditional SCADA.

For commercial and industrial projects, our booster system controls can be integrated with existing building automation systems, providing end-users with optimized control capabilities.

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