Gas Fired Domestic Hot Water Generation Systems

Gas fired domestic hot water generating systems are a staple for commercial, medical and institutional facilities. For medium to high rise buildings, gas fired appliance units provide an efficient exit route for CO2. Metropolitan’s domestic hot water generation includes both standard efficient and high efficient as powered systems.

Our non-condensing options include smart boilers/water heaters that provide advanced combustion designs, modulated firing and efficient heat transfer systems, while providing for ease of installation and use.

Our condensing gas fired units, otherwise known as high efficient, use less energy to provide the same amount of hot water. By rerouting flue gas back through the hot water heater, it acts as a heat exchanger to incoming cold water, allowing it to collect much of the heat, putting that excess energy to good use while providing a faster means to heating water.

Whether the use is office or residential, Metropolitan can design a system that will produce the amount of hot water necessary to keep up with user demands while eliminating the potential for over-use.

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