Steam to Water Domestic Hot Water Generation Systems

Steam powered water heating has become a highly efficient means to producing domestic hot water for high demand applications, such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats, car washes and condominiums.

In such applications, hot water demand is not negotiable. Hot water availability is expected during peak and non-peak times. Steam to water domestic hot water generation provides a reliable means due to its capability to handle a high amount of energy with minimal equipment. This allows for the heating “on-demand” through a heat exchanger without having to store a lot of water, which helps save precious floor space in modern mechanical rooms.

Steam to water hot domestic hot water generation can be implemented in just about any building or facility that has a steam boiler system. For such existing buildings considering replacing aging gas fired water heater, Metropolitan has the field experience to design and implement a steam powered hot water heating system that will is far more efficient in terms of operation and cost.

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