Submersible Pumps & System Engineering

  • Metropolitan has a large selection of submersible pumps available to help solve the most diverse set of storm and sewage water challenges for various commercial and industrial buildings or structures.
  • Replace existing pumps or allow us to custom engineer a complete system solution for your storm and sewage water management issues.

Common applications for submersible pumps include groundwater pumping, water wells or oil wells. These pumps remove storm and sewage water from low elevations and out of the building so that it can be properly transported to a public sewage system (combined or separate). In addition to being energy efficient, submersible drainage pumps may be used outdoors where cold weather elements are less of a concern.

Metropolitan’s submersible storm and sewage pumps can be placed on guide rails to allow easy removal when pump access is necessary. These pumps may also be with a recessed vortex impeller because they don’t plug up as easily as non-plug impellers.

Our large stock of inventory includes a complete line of submersible pumps and related equipment for storm and sewage applications. Whether looking to construct an entire submersible pump system for new applications or in need of replacement equipment, we can provide a packaged system that will provide a dynamic solution to your sump or sewage job site.

  • Conventional constant speed functionality for a majority of applications.
  • Optional variable speed functionality available for larger variable-flow storm-water applications, with minimal wet-well volume requirements.
  • Multiplex configurations (Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex, Custom).
  • Quick-disconnect guide-rail systems allow safe access to the pumps for maintenance, eliminating the necessity of entering the wet-well.
  • Many pump models utilize impellers with well-established semi-open or enclosed design characteristics.
  • Optional vortex-type fully-recessed impellers are available, which help reduce clogging in many sewage applications, and provide mechanical advantages when installed in low-flow/high-head scenarios.
  • Oil-filled motors provided, to enhance the cooling-characteristics of the motor, as well as improved bearing lubrication.
  • Advances in level-control technology as well as real-time two-way communication capabilities, provide options for virtually limitless human interaction and operational enhancements.

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