Projects & Installations

Replacing Antiquated Systems With Custom, Turn-Key Products

An existing 30-year-old boiler feed system providing heat to a high-rise building located at 1 N. LaSalle in Chicago was recently replaced because the existing tanks were failing. Previous Boiler System in Need of Replacing. If the tanks fail there would no longer be a way to feed water to the boiler for heating the [...]

Metropolitan Tackles Storm Water Removal at Soldier Field

Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears and part of the Chicago Park District, recently received a complete face-lift. Metropolitan Industries was contracted by Great Lakes Plumbing to manufacture water systems to deal with the various water needs throughout the facility. Metropolitan was chosen for the job because of their knowledge and expertise of [...]

Effluent Reuse System Helps Conserve Water

Interior of the effluent reuse station for the Joliet East Wastewater Treatment Plant. Over the last few years Metropolitan has provided new effluent reuse stations to wastewater treatment plants who are looking to save money while also conserving water. The new effluent reuse system recently delivered to the Joliet-East wastewater treatment plant will replace the older system [...]

Custom Heat Exchanger Updates Laundry Services to Double Tree Hotel

  On average, hotels use 5 to 10 gallons of water per room daily for laundry use. The laundry is an important factor in helping to maintain a clean and accommodating environment for guests at the hotel. An existing domestic hot water generator servicing the laundry equipment at the Double Tree Hotel in Skokie, Ill., […]

City of Joliet Undergoes Major System Upgrade

The City of Joliet, considered to be Illinois’s fastest growing city, recently underwent a major upgrade to its aging collection system infrastructure. In conjunction with General Contractor, Joseph J. Henderson and Engineer, Baxter & Woodman, Metropolitan Industries supplied the City of Joliet with a Sanitary Lift Station to upgrade the existing service to residences and [...]

Full SCADA Upgrade to Village of Lansing, IL Lift Stations

Back in 2012, when the Village of Lansing, Ill., received approval for a full SCADA upgrade for the village’s lift stations, the Village called on Metropolitan to assist them in their quest to upgrade all 14 of the village’s lift stations. Along the lines of what Metropolitan’s Infrastructure class teaches, certain equipment, like pumps, controls [...]

Calumet City Upgrades Pump Infrastructure for Enhanced Storm Water Control Stability

One of Four pumps installed during the sewer storm water overflow upgrade process. As published in April 2015 Water and Waste Digest Chicagoland city upgrades pump station to maintain service In conjunction with Robinson Eng. Ltd. of South Holland, Ill., Metropolitan Industries of Romeoville, Ill., assisted in the renovation of a critical combined sewer overflow [...]

At Buckingham Fountain, The Pumping Goes On

Metropolitan Pump played a major role in restoring a venerable landmark to its former pumping glory. Chicago's Buckingham Fountain is a stately symbol of a handsome city rich in history and a lake front that offers beautiful vistas and lively sources of entertainment for city residents and countless visitors alike. Constructed in 1927 as a [...]

Abandoned Mine Lands Fund 40 Miles of Water Line Extension to Preston County, WV

The Office of Abandoned Mine Lands and Reclamation was created to manage the reclamation of lands and waters affected by mining prior to 1977. Most of the residents and businesses in Preston County, West Virginia were affected by the poor water quality from the well water supply due to mining that took place prior to [...]