February 18, 2021

Department Spotlight: Mechanical Engineering Team

Mechanical Engineering Department Spotlight at Metropolitan Industries

Offering solutions that are backed by single-source responsibility means that all components of a project happen in-house. This means we can be confident that our project partners are receiving the very best when working with Metropolitan Industries.

Our mechanical drafting team is one of the first departments brought into a project. Their goal is to understand as much as possible about what challenges the customer is facing and what the customer is hoping to accomplish when working with us.

Sometimes that might mean more questions than a customer might expect, but we can assure you, it’s only so we can get it right – from the start.

Read more about our mechanical drafting team and their role at Metropolitan Industries when it comes to helping project partners and end users solve their water movement and management challenges.

What role does your team play in Metropolitan Industries’ single-source responsibility?
Working in the engineering department, our team handles all the mechanical and fabrication drawings for all of Metropolitan. Along with that, we provide support to our sales team by helping with pricing and job site visits to better understand project conditions. Getting out in the field means our customers are getting a more accurate proposal.

What can a customer expect when working with Metroplitan?
We like to ask a lot of questions! Ultimately, our goal is to find out exactly what our customer needs in order to offer a customized solution. The more information we get at the start of a project, the better.

What is something that people might not know about your team?
Most people may not realize the amount of detail we put into every drawing. Some drawings can take an hour, and some can take weeks to complete. The first step is to model all projects in 3D and then convert those to 2D technical drawings. There is no simple swap after we create a drawing and any change, even a single component, requires a whole new drawing.

Together, your team has 42 combined years at Metropolitan. What has changed? What has stayed the same?
While Metropolitan has always believed in growth and innovation, it’s been amazing to see the company’s transformation over the years. Not only has the team and, subsequently, our office space grown, so has what we’ve been able to offer our customers.

Yet, no matter how big we’ve gotten, the heart of Metropolitan has remained the same. Metropolitan started as a family company, and that vibe hasn’t changed. We know and have seen first hand how leadership would never ask their team to do something they wouldn’t do themselves.

This mentality carries over to our customers, and when we are part of a project, customers will find an all-in approach.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
While mechanical drafting is the common thread amongst this team of three, their leisure activities vary greatly. Frank, the team veteran with 33 years at Metropolitan, enjoys fishing. Mark, the team newbie with three years at Metropolitan, enjoys home improvement projects. And Devon, who has been with Metropolitan for five years, enjoys playing soccer, jogging, and bringing home new rescue animals.

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