Energy-independent facility a win-win for Metropolitan

Metropolitan’s MetroGreen energy-independent facility features the latest advancements in Green technology.

At Metropolitan we’ve always said we’re committed to developing “Green” technologies, but nothing demonstrates this dedication more than our MetroGreen energy-independent facility. Located on-site at our headquarters in Romeoville, Ill., MetroGreen serves as a facility where both Metropolitan employees and visitors can learn basic and advanced concepts of Green technologies.

“We conceived the idea to develop MetroGreen around three years, with the end goal of not just educating visitors, but ourselves as well,” said Metropolitan’s Dick Harned. “We discussed acquiring Green products from some of our distributors via donations to use in the facility, and the idea was well received. Just a few months after we constructed the idea, everything was in place and we were conducting tours.”

Some of the energy-independent features of our MetroGreen site include:

Rainwater harvesting system: Water from the gutter system fills a 1500-gallon harvest tank needed for storage. A booster pump runs on either AC power or solar power depending on the homeowner’s preference. The system also includes a filter system, which removes 99.9 percent of contaminants before entering MetroGreen.

Solar and/or wind powered water well: Water well operates by using either wind or solar power, completely off the electric grid. Water well is only used when rainwater is not available.

Wastewater treatment system: A 500-gallon per day, three-step treatment system:

• Step one: Waste moves through trash tank for removal of any non-biodegradable materials.

• Step two: Tank allows for 3.5 CFM of diffused air that promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria that breaks down waste.

• Step three: Pump tanks to drip irrigation system located in field for release – drip line allows ½ gallons per hour into soil about 8 inches to 10 inches below the surface.

The wastewater treatment system feeds directly into the drip irrigation system.

Solar heating system: Solar bulbs turn sunlight into usable energy to heat water. Solar system heats water tank for distribution to fixtures and radiant floor heating system, if needed.

Standby natural gas boiler: Backup system for radiant flooring and domestic hot water heater. Boiler is high-efficiency, condensing-type and provides supplemental heat to solar system.

Automatic charging sink and fixture: When motion is sensed, sink will run and automatically charge battery that runs the motion sensor. Sink saves hundreds of gallons of water per year. Water-saving toilet uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Sump and Sewage Backup System: Powered by SUMPRO® backup system.

In addition to these products, we have recently added new features MetroGreen, including a solar-heated hot tub, LED lighting and products from our Ion|StormPro® product line.

Harned said the recent addition of products reflects the changing nature of the Green market and that alternations will continue to be made to MetroGreen as new technologies are introduced.

“From the time we developed the concept to present day, this project has always been a work in progress in learning about Green products,” said Harned. “As new innovations are commenced, we will continue to update MetroGreen as a training module for the Metropolitan family and for our customer partners.”

While this development has been a monumental commitment for Metropolitan, it has given our employees a plethora of knowledge of Green products to work with, allowing us to expand our product base and expertise into new areas to better serve our customer partners.

“Our employees have certainly been big beneficiaries as MetroGreen’s development has progressed along the years,” said Harned. “We’ve been able to attain a great deal of knowledge regarding Green products, which has assisted us in developing a product line of applications designed to save energy and utilize renewable sources of energy.”

The other primary beneficiaries have been our customer partners and visitors.

“Many of the visitors we’ve had taking tours have a knowledge base of Green technology that only scratches the surface,” said Harned. “Our facility and sales staff can help visitors leave more informed and may ultimately assist them in deciding what Green products to invest in. It has been a win, win project for us.”

Full tours of our MetroGreen energy-independent facility will be available during our Open House on October 11, 2012.

For more information regarding MetroGreen, facility tours and Metropolitan’s Green products, please contact 815-886-9200 or

Indiana high school makes significant upgrades to pump system

The new pump station was designed for ease of installation and a proficient transition from old system to new system.

When Arsenal Technical High School made the de­cision to upgrade an old submersible dry pit pump system, the Indianapolis, Ind.-based institution called upon Metropolitan Industries to renew its system through both effective and convenient means.

“Metropolitan built a triplex self-priming pump system that closed in a house and contained a gener­ator inside,” said national salesperson Tim Laskows­ki. “The packaged unit essentially sits on top of the existing wet well, which made the installation process very efficient.  All in all, the transition from the existing system to the new system was very convenient for the customer.”

Metropolitan removed the existing pumps that were no longer in function, left the wet well where waste collects, dropped the suction lines for the self-prim­ing pumps, and packaged it all up in one convenient unit.

The system, which is designed to collect sewage and transport it to the appropriate destination, start­ed out as a very small project that eventually turned large, incorporating a prefabricated steel building.

It total, Metropolitan supplied a complete station with pumps, motors, valves, fittings, wiring support bases and incidentals with the prefab­ricated steel building, which includes a simulated brick finish as an attractive design solution.  A total of three pumps, each with a TDH of 33 feet and a capacity of 500 GPM were supplied. An 80 kW generator was also included with the package.

Metropolitan manufactured the entire system on-site and shipped ready for installation.

One of the differences between this particular unit and alternative solutions for enclosed structures was the implementation of the imitation brick, which was chosen to match the surrounding campus of Arsenal Tech.

“The material we used was very thin, almost like sheets of plywood, and was routed to look like brick,” said Laskowski. “It provided a very nice design solution and complemented its surroundings very nicely.”

Laskowski said the construction of the program went smoothly and that the customer was ultimate­ly satisfied at the project’s conclusion.

“We actually had the engineers who specified the product at our facility in Romeoville, Ill.,” said Laskowski. “They were able to witness the construction process firsthand were very impressed by our work. We delivered and installed the new system without any problems.”

For more information please contact Tim Laskowski at 815-886-9200, ext. 255 or

City of Rock Falls, Ill. Upgrades Lift Station Control Systems

Metropolitan Industries recently assisted in the upgrade of several existing lift station control systems for the City of Rock Falls, Ill. Metropolitan municipal salesperson Dan Howorth was on-hand to see the last of the six lift stations improved begin operation. Included within the systems are Multitrode level probes with new PLCs, including Trihedral’s VT SCADA software. This technology gives the city the ability to monitor each system on a station-by-station basis at a cost-efficient price.

Metropolitan was first contacted by the consulting engineering firm Willett Hofmann & Associates, Inc. of Dixon, Ill. for design assistance. For a relatively small city such as Rock Falls, the integration of this type of control system in its lift stations made ideal sense. For municipalities that generally do not utilize a full SCADA system, the panels Metropolitan provides can operate independently or as part of a complete SCADA system.

“Many small towns today may not have the economic resources for city-wide SCADA systems, but can afford this type of control system upgrade and gain the ability to access such locations through the internet via computer, smart phone or any device with e-mail capabilities,” said Howorth. “If you’ve got a small town has two lift stations or well sites and/or a very small plant, these are ideal because our control panels can be implemented at a modest cost when compared to complete SCADA systems.”

Another benefit of these systems is flexibility. Though the city of Rock Falls will begin operation of each station independent of any SCADA communication, these systems are SCADA compatible if customers wish to employ them into a more comprehensive SCADA system in the future. The city of Rock Falls has chosen to activate each unit using VT SCADA capabilities, but had previously developed a large wastewater plant and can now connect each lifting station to a city-wide SCADA system if they eventually choose to do so.

“Metropolitan excels at this type of ‘a la carte’ solution for SCADA integration,” said Howorth. “Our competition may only promote a complete SCADA system and focus on conducting a fully integrated (and often very expensive) system, as opposed to building a system ‘one block at a time’ or as budget and/or time allows. We offer our customers flexibility in these types of situations.”

For more information, please contact Dan Howorth at 815-886-9200, ext. 281 or

SUMPRO® Battery Backup, Because Flooding is Not an Option

Continuing our residential flood control series, the name SUMPRO® has been synonymous with dependability for over 20 years. UL recognized and a favorite among contractors, plumbers and homeowners around the country, the SUMPRO® battery backup system is the premier fully-automatic auxiliary power source available.

Performance tested for optimal functionality, SUMPRO® systems can be used in conjunction with pumps of the published horsepower ratings.

“What makes SUMPRO® such a high-end piece of equipment is its ability to take DC battery power and convert it into 115 VAC power,” said Metropolitan salesperson Brian Drafke. “This allows users to eliminate unreliable 12 VDC powered pumps and continuing using a standard 115 VAC pump without any modifications or piping changes.”

SUMPRO® systems install in minutes as users simply plug units into a standard wall outlet. Once detected, SUMPRO® will continue to use utility power until a power failure is detected. When a power failure is detected, SUMPRO® will instantaneously begin to supply standard household electricity to any connected appliances. Once utility power is restored, SUMPRO® automatically switches your appliance back to utility power and immediately begins to recharge its internal batteries in anticipation of the next power failure.

“Unlike some uninterrupted power supplies, SUMPRO® is designed to handle inrush power demanded by pumps,” said Drafke. “With our proprietary programming, SUMPRO® can start pumps even in long power outages when the battery power has diminished. The testing we’ve conducted has shown significant additional run times due to this feature.”

The typical installation of a SUMPRO® battery backup system.

SUMPRO® has input levels of 60 Hz, 120 VAC and 12 AMP, and output levels of 120 VAC and 15 AMP at a .80 service factor. Units can be shipped anywhere and come with a full one-year guarantee.

For premier performance, SUMPRO® can be combined with Metropolitan’s maintenance-free AGM Power+ batteries. By adding an extra set of Power+ batteries, users can double or triple their run times.

In addition to SUMPRO®, Metropolitan’s residential division offers full packages which include battery backup systems, pumps, float switches and pump controllers needed for complete flood protection.

For more information regarding the SUMPRO® battery backup system and our residential division, please visit the official website of SUMPRO® or call 800-323-1665.

Special Fabrication Aids Franklin Park, Ill. Pump Station Renovation

A view of the renovated water pump station in Franklin Park, Ill.

At Metropolitan Industries, we pride ourselves on service that exceeds customer specifications. Over the years, we have modernized the fabrication process to complete projects that include even the most difficult of challenges.

The Village of Franklin Park, Ill. recently made the decision to upgrade an existing pump station and contractor Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. of Arlington Heights, Ill. called upon Metropolitan to assist in addressing their needs.

The facility was more than 40 years old and served as a main water pump station for the village. The project required specialized fabrication of certain parts to aid in installation of the new booster pumps.

Following an initial field visit, Metropolitan Salesperson Ken Turnquist came to the conclusion that specially fabricated spools would be required for the project to function upon completion. To accommodate the village’s needs, Metropolitan’s Bob Svoboda designed several custom-dimensioned offset spools to ensure the new pumps would work in the existing configuration.

“We needed to design special 12-inch by 8-inch spools, so I essentially started with a 12-inch diameter pipe and constructed it on a segment by segment basis” said Svoboda. “By the time we had finished, the other end of the spool matched the 8-inch connection and bolted in perfectly.”

In total, eight specially fabricated spools were required to complete the project.

Turnquist says the need to specially fabricate a system is an opportunity Metropolitan faces on a routine basis. Lift station adapter flanges for rail systems are one of many special fabrications Metropolitan creates regularly.

Metropolitan’s Fabrication Department designed eight offset spools for the upgrade.

“We’re often faced with projects where existing wetwells have all of the piping and suction elbows mounted,” said Turnquist. “In many instances the customer elects to utilize one of our pumps, but a stock flange cannot fit in the existing rail system. This is where we have to specially fabricate a new flange that will allow the new pump to seal on the existing base elbows.”

For more information, please contact Ken Turnquist at 815-886-9200, ext. 261 or

Take Control with the Ion Genesis®

Metropolitan’s Ion Genesis® smart sensing controller gives users control of all vital pumping options.

The development of our Ion™ Digital Level Control float switch opened the door for the development of new products within the Ion product line including our user-programmable smart sensing controller, the Ion Genesis®.

To put in the most simplistic terms possible, the Ion Genesis® is the most complete pump controller on the market, providing the most features and safeguards against the devastation of flooding.

The Ion Genesis® comes complete with dual Ion™ Digital Level Control float switches which continuously diagnose and report real-time critical pumping information to the controller.  The controller itself gives users control of all vital aspects of pumping and efficiently cycles pumps to minimize pump turn-on cycles, ultimately adding life to the pump itself.

Metropolitan Salesperson James Spurney said everything starts with Ion™ Digital Level Control float switches, which are used in place of standard float switches.  These sensors are the most reliable on the market and incorporate no moving parts, which is associated with 98% of mechanical switch failures.

Basic features include a high water alarm and easy installation, but Spurney contends the Ion Genesis’® advanced features of protecting against floods are what distinguishes itself from similar products on the market.

“For starters, you have the redundancy of not just two pumps, but two of the most reliable float switches available,” said Spurney.  “Even if one of the float switches were to fail, a high water alarm will notify the user and will also keep both pumps operating.  This feature is not available anywhere else and will ultimately give users the time to replace a failed switch and still prevent flooding.”

Another unique feature of the Ion Genesis® is the ability for users to manually adjust the pumping level.  The level can be adjusted from 2” to 24” in 0.5” increments using the controller without entering the pit.  Spurney said this not only gives the product versatility, but can also extend the life of pumps as well.

“The ability to adjust the level differential is only available on the Ion Genesis®” said Spurney.  “Users can also set the level to produce the longest cycle time which is ultimately going to extend the overall life of the pump.”

Installation of the Ion Genesis® involves no hard-wiring or complex programming and can be used in small or large volume sump pits.

The combination of versatility, value and multiple fail safes make the Ion Genesis® the premier product in flood control.

“A pump alternator that is capable of testing the primary switch, the backup switch and has a high water alarm that can still run the pumps if switch failure occurs is a one of a kind piece of equipment,” said Spurney.  “In addition, the flexible nature of Ion™ Digital Level Control switches and the ability to adjust the pumping level ensures this product can be used in nearly any residential application.  Simply put, this is the best pump alternator available.”

For more information regarding the Ion Genesis®, please contact 815-886-9200 or visit us on the web.

Recent Control and Pump Repair Class a Success

Mike Schiazzano instructs seminar attendees during a recent “Control and Pump Repair 101” course hosted at Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

Part of our commitment to the industries we serve is sharing our expertise with engineers, water/wastewater operators, city officials and more by conducting educational seminars tailored to provide attendees a full understanding of both new and existing technologies.

Many of the seminars we conduct satisfy state requirements for continuing education and are completely free of charge.

We recently held a seminar developed to educate pump industry professionals entitled “Control and Pump Repair 101.”  Metropolitan’s Mike Schiazzano served as the course instructor and has been conducting the class for over 25 years.  Schiazzano, who has over 30 years of experience in the pump industry, said the course was developed to give attendees a basic understanding of a submersible pump and control panel, and to discuss basic troubleshooting of equipment.

“When we first started the class in the 1980s, it was primarily conducted in the field,” said Schiazzano. “Since then, we’ve moved it to our facility and interest has skyrocketed due to the fact we can offer a more in-depth course on-site.”

Schiazzano said that moving the course to Metropolitan’s Romeoville, Ill.-based facility has given attendees the ability to operate on both a submersible pump and control panel firsthand with the end goal of preparing them for everyday field work.

“Though this seminar is introductory in nature, we have attendees physically working with pumps and control panels, which provides depth they would not experience in a simple classroom setting,” said Schiazzano.  “We like to keep these classes limited to a small number of people so attendees can work with the equipment and the instructor one-on-one. The primary goal is for attendees to leave with a better understanding of equipment so if a problem does occur in the field, they’re prepared.”

Village of Wheeling, Ill. Utility Superintendent Jeff Wolfgram sent five members of the municipality to the recent course and said the village’s long-standing relationship with Metropolitan led to his decision to send the attendees.

Schiazzano demonstrates the workings of a control panel to Village of Wheeling, Ill. water operators.

“We’ve used Metropolitan to service our pumps and equipment, and have attended their seminars for years which has led to a sense of trust,” said Wolfgram.  “Municipalities often rely on their suppliers to introduce new technologies and Metropolitan has done just that over the years.”

Wolfgram said the “Control and Pump Repair 101” seminar provides distinct advantages over other forms of training largely because it’s hosted at Metropolitan.

“What’s great about the course is that equipment can be ‘troubleshooted’ in a controlled environment,” said Wolfgram.  “This type of setting can give attendees the ability to learn and experiment with equipment in a way they couldn’t in the field.”

Wolfgram said an overlooked benefit of Metropolitan seminars is the free price which can help attendees who may be facing a tight budget.

“Often times when municipalities are constructing a budget, training can get cut-out very quickly,” said Wolfgram. “The fact Metropolitan can not only provide worthwhile training for credit hours, but can do so at no charge is huge for us.”

While our “Control and Pump Repair 101” is designed to educate water operators, Metropolitan also offers courses designed for other professionals.

“The diversity among our seminars ensures anyone within the industries we serve can find something for them,” said Schiazzano.  “We have courses that offer continuing education units for water operators and plumbers, and professional development hours for engineers, but what’s most important is that attendees can count on learning valuable information they can apply to their profession when they attend a seminar.”

For more information regarding Metropolitan’s seminars, please call 815-886-9200 or visit

Ion Digital Level Control Sets Standard for Pump Float Switches

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Flash floods can occur in all 50 states and everyone lives in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified “flood zone”- it’s just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area.

Based on NFIP data, floods have caused nearly $2.7 billion in U.S. losses over the past 10 years (2001-2010) and anyone can be financially vulnerable to floods: People outside of high-risk areas file over 20% of NFIP claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.

While flooding may be overlooked in comparison to other natural disasters, the destructive nature of such an event is catastrophic. To minimize the risk of flooding, it is of the upmost importance to have dependable, high-quality equipment protecting your property and other valuable assets.

Metropolitan Industries’ Ion Product Line is designed to do just that. Our top of the line products incorporate the latest technologies designed to minimize the risk of flooding and have become the industry leaders in flood prevention.

As we move forward, we’re excited to announce the addition of new, innovative products to be added to our Ion Family. Each of these products has been developed with one constant goal: Incorporating new technologies to enhance the overall effectiveness of the product.

The Ion Family started over two years ago when Metropolitan Industries President John Kochan Jr. conceived the idea of developing the most reliable sump pump float switch. Since the development and release of the product, Ion™ Digital Level Control, the Ion Family has grown into the most dependable line of products in the flood control industry.

Ion™ Digital Level Control

When Metropolitan Industries launched their patented Ion™ Digital Level Control over two years ago, the entire dynamic of pump switch operation changed. Replacing traditional mechanical float switches and providing advantages over alternative types of pump switches, Ion™ Digital Level Control gives customers the reliability, operation and extended switch life no other product can provide.

“Generally speaking, the primary reason a sump pump will fail to evacuate the water is not because of the pump itself, but because of the float switch,” says Metropolitan Salesperson Brian Drafke. “Mechanical switches, which incorporate moving parts, will experience a great deal of wear and tear over time and are susceptible to failure.”

Switch failure, of course, leads to pump failure which can produce flooding in residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Ion™ Digital Level Control incorporates no moving parts, which is associated with 98% of mechanical switch failures. You’ll never have to worry about flooding during high periods of rain due to the design that handles high inrush pump loads and protects the electrical contacts.

Tested over two million cycles, Ion™ Digital Level Control adds life to your pump and provides a safeguard against switch failure due to its overall design.

In addition to its first of a kind solid-state sensing technology, it is leak resistant and extremely durable due to its proprietary enclosure, while multiple stainless steel screws supply optimized pressure to ensure superior sealing properties and durability.

What Ion™ Digital Level Control also provides is a diversity and quality customers never before have experienced.

• Comparison to the mechanical float switch: “With mechanical float switches, you’re limited in how many suitable applications they fit,” says Drake. “In small sump pits, these switches can be problematic and may not be usable. With Ion™ Digital Level Control, the switch can be placed in any size pit.”

• Comparison to the vertical float switch: “Vertical level float switches are limited in regards to level differential and where the unit can be placed in a sump pit,” says Drafke. “Ion™ Digital Level Control gives users the flexibility to place the switch anywhere and has standard differential heights of 6 inches for standard sump applications and 10 inches for sewage applications.”

• Comparison to the traditional pressure switch: “Without a doubt, the primary advantage of choosing Ion™ Digital Level Control over traditional pressure switches is the fact it comes without any moving parts,” says Drafke. “Not only does that eliminate one of the largest causes of switch failure, it simply gives the customer a higher quality product and adds life to the pump itself.”

Simply put, Ion™ Digital Level Control provides versatility and advantages over alternative pump switches the competition simply cannot match.

Metropolitan is committed to bringing the highest quality of products to the industry. The beginning was the development of Ion™ Digital Level Control and since then, our product line has grown even stronger. For more information regarding Ion™ Digital Level Control, please contact 815-886-9200, or visit

Hotel Employs Variable Speed Controls to Reduce Energy Demands

The Wyndham Hotel of Lisle, Ill. is located just outside of Chicago and includes 242 rooms spread across eight floors.

At Metropolitan Industries, we have the capability to bring the most up to date, energy efficient pump system to your commercial facility.

Whether you require a retrofit substitution of a previous design or an entirely different pump system in general, Metropolitan has the experience, adaptability, and customer service to design and service the most complex commercial projects.

A premier example of our commitment to delivering this type of system is demonstrated by the work done at the Wyndham Hotel of Lisle, Ill.

Working with a constant speed system that was over 10 years old, the hotel turned to Metropolitan Industries to deliver a solution that would save in energy costs.

“The previous system the hotel was using was a constant speed triplex system utilizing two large pumps and one small pump,” said Metropolitan Salesperson Mike Ponx. “With this configuration, the pumps would run even during the lowest demand periods. This type of system is quite wasteful from an energy consumption standpoint and we replaced it with a system that is more energy efficient.”

Metropolitan replaced the existing system with a Metro-Varipac System 2100 Triplex Variable Speed Pump System designed to provide a flow rate of 600 GPM at a constant discharge pressure of 90 PSI. A total of three pumps were supplied, each designed to perform at 200 GPM at 115’ TDH. Each pump motor is rated at 15 HP, 3500 RPM, 60 Hz, 460 volt and three phase.

Metropolitan’s Triplex Variable Speed Pump System will not only save the Wyndham Hotel funds in energy savings, it also freed up space for the hotel to utilize differently.

Metropolitan’s Metro-Varipac systems are available with options including, but not limited to, touch screen control, stainless steel piping and hydropnuematic tanks.

The smart pump technology incorporated by Metropolitan extends the life of the pump system. The compact packaged design allows for easy maintenance and gives customers the ability to place systems virtually anywhere. Variable speed controls can save customers thousands in energy savings and can virtually pay for the entire system over time.

“The use of variable frequency drives ensures the pumps are not running at full capacity during low flow periods,” said Ponx. “This is when energy savings are maximized.”

The compact design of the new triplex system not only allows for easier maintenance, but also saved a great deal of space for the hotel.

“The previous configuration the hotel was using had actually taken up two rooms,” said Ponx. “By removing an old, out of commission water softener and incorporating the compact design of the new triplex booster system, they only needed to reserve one room for the new system, allowing them to use the additional space for whatever they please.”

With the installation of the new variable speed booster system, the hotel can expect an energy reduction of 30% to 40% in domestic water system operation. For more information, please contact Mike Ponx at 815-886-9200, etc. 265 or

Metropolitan Engineers Retrofit Upgrade to Commercial Building with Self-Priming Sewage and Sump Pump System

Self Priming Pump System

At Metropolitan, we can supply all equipment needed to keep your pump system functioning as efficient as possible. Our adaptability and knowledge of new technologies give us the ability to supply the most cutting-edge equipment, which can extend the life of a system, save end users funds and make maintenance easier than ever before.

A premier example of this technology is demonstrated by the work done at a large commercial building located in Lake County, Ill. At the request of the owner, the building name and location will remain confidential.

Metropolitan completed a retrofit application in which a total of eight self-priming sewage and sump pump systems were installed to replace aging equipment that was over 25 years old. Metropolitan was the supplier and designer of the retrofit project, crossing over the old style of pumps with the new of style pumps.

“We upgraded the customer to our new model 35-45 MPC self-priming pump system where they had been previously using the older 30 MPC model,” said Metropolitan Commercial Salesperson Kent Swanson. “The new system is more efficient, incorporates new and improved changes to the design of the impeller and provides larger housing for the pump among many improved features from the previous model.”

Swanson said Metropolitan was contacted at the project’s inception at the end of 2010 and that pumps officially went into operation in August of 2011. Swanson said the systems were built and shipped to the job site at once, accommodating the customer’s installation date request and ultimately assisting in the installation process.

“It helps coordinating with the customer when all systems are built and shipped before installation,” said Swanson. “With this type of approach, the plumber knows what materials they have to acquire and if any changes need to be made to the system design, we’re not finding out the day of the installation.”

Among the many improvements the new model 35-45 MPC provides in comparison to older models, Swanson named a few in particular that were illustrated in this project.

“The new design of the impeller makes it much easier to service the pump, so it’s more maintenance-friendly than the existing configuration,” said Swanson. “With the old style, you had to make more adjustments to the impeller to ensure the system would function properly. The new model system also provides for a more efficient operation, low installation cost and low repair cost.”

Swanson said the systems were installed in a number of locations at the facility.

An interesting aspect of the project was the utilization of stainless steel basin covers for systems installed in the facility’s parking garage pump rooms.

“Parking garages have a tendency to get a lot of water, often times just water seepage on the ground,” said Swanson. “We noticed the old covers were rusting away which is dangerous because anyone could fall right through and sustain a serious injury. What we did was incorporate stainless steel basin covers on the new systems with the benefit being corrosion resistance. Stainless steel will not rust and the customer will no longer have safety issues looming.”

In all, the customer made the choice to conduct a retrofit upgrade due to the advancements the new model provides.

“The customer was happy with the old pumps and the existing configuration,” said Swanson. “However, the pumps were aging and the new technology our new model provides made the decision to upgrade practical for the customer to make.”

Are Your Storm and Sewage Water Removal Capabilities In Need of an Upgrade?

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