July 19, 2012

Hotel Employs Variable Speed Controls to Reduce Energy Demands

The Wyndham Hotel of Lisle, Ill. is located just outside of Chicago and includes 242 rooms spread across eight floors.

At Metropolitan Industries, we have the capability to bring the most up to date, energy efficient pump system to your commercial facility.

Whether you require a retrofit substitution of a previous design or an entirely different pump system in general, Metropolitan has the experience, adaptability, and customer service to design and service the most complex commercial projects.

A premier example of our commitment to delivering this type of system is demonstrated by the work done at the Wyndham Hotel of Lisle, Ill.

Working with a constant speed system that was over 10 years old, the hotel turned to Metropolitan Industries to deliver a solution that would save in energy costs.

“The previous system the hotel was using was a constant speed triplex system utilizing two large pumps and one small pump,” said Metropolitan Salesperson Mike Ponx. “With this configuration, the pumps would run even during the lowest demand periods. This type of system is quite wasteful from an energy consumption standpoint and we replaced it with a system that is more energy efficient.”

Metropolitan replaced the existing system with a Metro-Varipac System 2100 Triplex Variable Speed Pump System designed to provide a flow rate of 600 GPM at a constant discharge pressure of 90 PSI. A total of three pumps were supplied, each designed to perform at 200 GPM at 115’ TDH. Each pump motor is rated at 15 HP, 3500 RPM, 60 Hz, 460 volt and three phase.

Metropolitan’s Triplex Variable Speed Pump System will not only save the Wyndham Hotel funds in energy savings, it also freed up space for the hotel to utilize differently.

Metropolitan’s Metro-Varipac systems are available with options including, but not limited to, touch screen control, stainless steel piping and hydropnuematic tanks.

The smart pump technology incorporated by Metropolitan extends the life of the pump system. The compact packaged design allows for easy maintenance and gives customers the ability to place systems virtually anywhere. Variable speed controls can save customers thousands in energy savings and can virtually pay for the entire system over time.

“The use of variable frequency drives ensures the pumps are not running at full capacity during low flow periods,” said Ponx. “This is when energy savings are maximized.”

The compact design of the new triplex system not only allows for easier maintenance, but also saved a great deal of space for the hotel.

“The previous configuration the hotel was using had actually taken up two rooms,” said Ponx. “By removing an old, out of commission water softener and incorporating the compact design of the new triplex booster system, they only needed to reserve one room for the new system, allowing them to use the additional space for whatever they please.”

With the installation of the new variable speed booster system, the hotel can expect an energy reduction of 30% to 40% in domestic water system operation. For more information, please contact Mike Ponx at 815-886-9200, etc. 265 or sales@metropolitanind.com.

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