April 25, 2019

Priming End Users Towards a Better Pump Maintenance Experience in Sewage & Stormwater Applications

Self-Priming Pumps Ease Storm & Sewage Pumping Maintenance

The expression “it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it” exists for a reason: sometimes there’s just no easy way to accomplish something, without performing unpleasant tasks. You have no choice but to grin and bear it until the task is completed.

Although we at Metropolitan Industries think of ourselves as movers and shakers concerning all things water movement and management, we also know that some things are going to be a challenge, no matter what. Fortunately, our goals to improve the lives of our clients usually result in some very unique solutions. Our products and services often draw compliments from our existing clients, and also tend to attract the attention of new clients, as a result. We have developed many ways to truly make things easier for those in the field, such as the plumbers, mechanics, facilities engineers, and plant operators.

Metropolitan’s Metro-Prime MPC-Series self-priming pumps for sewage & stormwater applications are a great example of a true success story, where the goal is ease of maintenance. For anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to work on conventional pumps, which are fully or partially submerged in a wet-well in a basement mechanical room, our MPC-Series is a breath of fresh air.

This is no more evident than the reputation that this product has developed at the various university campuses, medical centers, prison facilities, and countless commercial buildings where our MPC-Series has become the pump of choice, due simply to its ability to make pump maintenance a simpler, cleaner, and safer task. And whether your facility is in the Midwest, or all the way across the country, we can help you experience a much smarter solution to wastewater pumping, and improve the day to day maintenance tasks at your facilities.

A Bit of Background on Conventional Sewage & Stormwater Pump Maintenance

Since the earliest part of the 20th century, typical basement mechanical room wet-wells in larger commercial and institutional facilities contained pumps which were fully or partially submerged all of the way at the bottom of the wet-well, where the water or sewage entered the pump’s impeller.

Many of these wet-wells measured anywhere from just a few feet deep, to as much as 15 feet deep. The pumps themselves, typically constructed mainly from cast iron, often weighed hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Any sort of trouble-shooting or maintenance tasks require that the pump be at least partially removed from the wet-well. If at any time the pump impeller becomes clogged, the entire unit needs to be removed entirely from the wet-well.

In the best of these scenarios, a hoist is used and the pump comes right out of the wet-well. However, with many of these systems being old, coated in solid rust, and constantly submerged, that’s not always the case.

In many cases, the lengths of the vertical pumps were actually longer in length than the wet-well depth, which caused extremely challenging maneuverability issues during pump removal. Piping connections bind over time, and when pump removal doesn’t go as planned, people have little choice but to climb into the wet-well — a confined space requiring special permitting — to help aid the removal process. Removing the pumps requires muscle, sweat, and determination. Risk of injury during this task is a very real concern. If the risk of injury wasn’t enough of a concern, especially in raw sewage applications, the pumps are covered in bacterial filth, which presents an extremely unhealthy infection-risk to the maintenance personnel.

The Self-Primer Advantage

Metropolitan’s Metro-Prime MPC-Series self-priming pumps eliminate the challenges associated with pump extraction, by keeping the entire pump completely out of the wet-well from the start. By installing the pump at floor level, above the wet-well, everything becomes a whole lot easier.

Maintenance that once would have taken a crew of at least two to four people can easily be performed with a smaller team – usually manageable by only a single plumber or mechanic – and the exposure to sewage is greatly reduced. By the very nature of these pumps, fluid will pass through the interior of the pump, but the exterior surfaces of the pump remain clean and dry. Since the entire pump rests above the wet-well, there’s no need to access or even enter the pit itself, leading to a far safer maintenance process. However, keeping the pump out of the wet-well is only one of the many benefits of installing the MPC-Series pumps.

The first thing you’ll notice is that every Metro-Prime MPC-Series pump is ready to go right “right from the start,” meaning it’s ready to set in place and bolt to the basin-cover or on the mechanical-room floor, adjacent to the wet-well. There’s no assembly or prep work required.

The smaller models, 22MPC & 25MPC are provided with threaded suction-elbows. The larger models, 35MPC and 45MPC, are provided with grooved suction-elbows. In addition, the 35MPC and 45MPC are also provided with Victaulic grooved couplings, and vacuum-rated rubber inserts to further simplify installation. A leak free suction pipe will ensure trouble free operation.

After everything is in place, ease of maintenance becomes obvious. All of the models are designed specifically to allow the impeller to be accessed easily, and cleaned in minutes. Metropolitan’s exclusive internal flapper check valve design allows for valve replacement without the need to disassemble the piping.

Best of all, repairs remain low cost, due to the simplicity of the design which includes only one moving sub-assembly: The integral shaft and impeller. This means that the only wearing parts you’ll ever need to replace the impeller in the MPC product line and check valve flapper; as well as the lip plate, and the stainless-steel wear ring in the 35MPC & 45MPC.

A True Asset for You and Your Facility, Wherever You May Be

Metropolitan Industries has considered the Midwest home from the very beginning, over 60-years ago. But our MPC-Series of pumps and our services aren’t limited to the region. The simplicity of its design makes the MPC-Series the easiest pump to troubleshoot and repair.

With just a few common tools, and a bit of know how, maintaining this pump is as simple as its design. Whether you’re in our own backyard or across the country looking for a better solution, Metropolitan’s team of experts will work with you to understand your unique needs and deliver solutions that work the way you need them to.

Every Metro-Prime MPC-Series pump comes backed by the same expertise and support that goes along with every product we offer. We’ve always believed that standing behind our products and helping our customers feel successful in their tasks is what truly sets Metropolitan apart.

Ready to Upgrade to Your Sewage & Stormwater Pump Maintenance Capabilities?

We’d love to learn more about your project or application and how Metropolitan’s Self-Priming Pumps can provide a more efficient and safer maintenance experience.

Getting in touch with our team of self-priming pump experts is just one click or phone call away.

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