June 19, 2017

Water Control in Concrete Structures Begins with Waterproofing via Concrete Crack Repair

Precast Concrete Crack Injection Repair

Emecole Metro, a Metropolitan Industries company, recently assisted in an experimental project where the concrete was cast off site and brought to the build location of a municipal structure on the east coast using a specific epoxies and polyurethane foams to repair cracks.

Whether you are talking about a home, an office building, or a municipal facility, a good foundation is critical to the performance of the structure as a whole. Typically, concrete holds up fairly well, but even the best poured foundations can fall victim to cracking as the earth shifts, the building settles, and the water around that foundation tries to sneak its way in. For a long time, these cracks were best attended to with 1) a shrug of the shoulder or 2) more concrete to patch the wound. Neither, however, is ideal. As water threatens to damage equipment and overall building health, a more effective solution is key.

Cue Emecole Metro, the newest edition to the Metropolitan Industries family.

Acquired by Metropolitan in the fall of 2016, Emecole Metro has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of epoxies and polyurethanes for the repair of poured concrete cracks for nearly 30 years. Today, using the same innovative dual-chamber, low-pressure crack injection system developed by founder Louis Cole, we use a specific line of epoxies and polyurethanes to seal and repair foundational cracks. Though this system has been used in more than 150,000 concrete repairs thus far, we are more excited about how it can help our customers in the future.

Replacing damaged infrastructure can be expensive, especially on a municipal or commercial scale. Though Metropolitan pumps and control systems can help you move water where it needs to go, the Emecole Metro crack injection line of products can help you keep water out. Now, rather than planning to completely gut a foundation, replace a wall, or call in a fleet of cement trucks, basement and crawl space contractors can turn to Emecole Metro for the following product solutions:

  • Leaking and structural cracks in basements or any poured foundation
  • Cracks in concrete floors and slabs - basement floors, garage floors, sidewalks, patios, driveways, pool bottoms
  • Damp and musty crawl spaces via the EmeSeal System - variety of vapor barriers and accessories for crawl space encapsulation
  • Excess moisture and soil gas penetration through concrete resulting in poor indoor air quality, musty smells and mold growth

Learn More about the Newest Addition to the Metropolitan Family!

Secure concrete water and structural issues with Emecole Metro!

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