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Metropolitan’s AquaHarvest Technologies Provides Water Reuse Expertise On Large Scale Applications

AquaHarvest puts technology to work for every system we build. We use state-of-the-art control technologies and techniques to control all functions of the water harvesting systems Water is quickly becoming an extremely valuable and diminishing commodity. With the world’s population rapidly increasing, Metropolitan is well prepared to provide various marketplaces with the necessary resources when [...]

Seal Water System Extends Pump Life

Extending the life of the shaft seals on larger wastewater pumps has many advantages. When a shaft seal fails the main pump has to be removed from service and repairs can be costly. With this in mind, many system designers specify an external flow of seal water to cool the main pump shaft seals all […]

Breaking Through Stormwater Challenges

Stormwater management solutions vary based on climate change and various flood areas. Metropolitan Industries offers customized systems to provide solutions to the problems municipalities face following a heavy rain event. Aging infrastructures and budget restraints present municipalities with many challenges. Fortunately, there are cost-effective solutions available to prevent problems caused by stormwater by determining the […]

Update to air-gap system installed at former uranium production facility

The former uranium production facility in Hanford, Wash., one of the main locations for the Manhattan project due to its isolation and its proximity near the Columbia River, which could supply sufficient water to cool the nuclear reactors that produced uranium during World War II, has been focusing its efforts in the site’s cleanup and […]

Cost-Efficient Equipment Supplied to Pump Stations

At Metropolitan, we can supply all equipment needed to keep your pump station functioning as efficiently as possible.  Our adaptability and knowledge of new technologies give us the ability to supply the most cutting-edge equipment, which can extend the life of a system and save end users funds.  We recently supplied equipment to two pump […]

Metropolitan’s State of the Art Test Lab

Hydrostatic, performance, and system testing is performed on Metropolitan’s packaged systems to ensure system integration performance meets customer specifications. Pumps or systems can be certified to Hydraulic Institute Standards by a Professional Engineer (p.e.) registered in the State of Illinois. Many different types of pumps, controls, and systems including self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, […]