March 8, 2017

Metropolitan Provides Answers to Silicon Valley Water Reuse System

Silicon Valley Water Reuse System

Metropolitan Industries prides itself on having an industry focus on projects that help with the quality of public water systems. Our recent involvement in the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center focused on the greater Silicon Valley community, reshaping the recycled water industry as a whole.

The Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center (SCAWP) is one of the largest water purification plants in northern California. The facility purifies treated wastewater effluent using three proven processes – micro-filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light. The purified water is then blended with the existing recycled water supply produced at a neighboring facility. The SCAWP aims to improve recycled water quality and increase water reliability; therefore creating a locally controlled high quality water supply.

As part of a recent potable water line project at the Purification Center, Metropolitan Industries supplied an air gap break tank booster pump package. Air gap pumping systems are used to protect water supplies from potential contamination. The air gap assembly and break tank provide a positive disconnect from the water source to down steam water connections. The pumps and controls that were provided as part of the complete factory prepackaged system are necessary to re-pressurize the potable water supply for use throughout the facility. The factory built system, which was designed to be installed outdoors, includes three vertical multi-stage pumps, piping, valves, electrical controls and a plant wide SCADA system interface.

Overall, the SCAWP system is a unique project to combat the nature of water conservation and water consumption for the Silicon Valley. Metropolitan Industries’ involvement with Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center helps Metropolitan gain insight about communities water management technology ideals. We look forward to the long term results of this project.

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