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Energy-independent facility a win-win for Metropolitan

  At Metropolitan we’ve always said we’re committed to developing “Green” technologies, but nothing demonstrates this dedication more than our MetroGreen energy-independent facility. Located on-site at our headquarters in Romeoville, Ill., MetroGreen serves as a facility where both Metropolitan employees and visitors can learn basic and advanced concepts of Green technologies. “We conceived the idea […]

Indiana high school makes significant upgrades to pump system

  When Arsenal Technical High School made the de­cision to upgrade an old submersible dry pit pump system, the Indianapolis, Ind.-based institution called upon Metropolitan Industries to renew its system through both effective and convenient means. “Metropolitan built a triplex self-priming pump system that closed in a house and contained a gener­ator inside,” said national […]

City of Rock Falls, Ill. Upgrades Lift Station Control Systems

Metropolitan Industries recently assisted in the upgrade of several existing lift station control systems for the City of Rock Falls, Ill. Metropolitan municipal salesperson Dan Howorth was on-hand to see the last of the six lift stations improved begin operation. Included within the systems are Multitrode level probes with new PLCs, including Trihedral’s VT SCADA […]

SUMPRO® Battery Backup, Because Flooding is Not an Option

Continuing our residential flood control series, the name SUMPRO® has been synonymous with dependability for over 20 years. UL recognized and a favorite among contractors, plumbers and homeowners around the country, the SUMPRO® battery backup system is the premier fully-automatic auxiliary power source available. Performance tested for optimal functionality, SUMPRO® systems can be used in […]

Special Fabrication Aids Franklin Park, Ill. Pump Station Renovation

  At Metropolitan Industries, we pride ourselves on service that exceeds customer specifications. Over the years, we have modernized the fabrication process to complete projects that include even the most difficult of challenges. The Village of Franklin Park, Ill. recently made the decision to upgrade an existing pump station and contractor Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. […]

Take Control with the Ion Genesis®

  The development of our Ion™ Digital Level Control float switch opened the door for the development of new products within the Ion product line including our user-programmable smart sensing controller, the Ion Genesis®. To put in the most simplistic terms possible, the Ion Genesis® is the most complete pump controller on the market, providing […]

Recent Control and Pump Repair Class a Success

  Part of our commitment to the industries we serve is sharing our expertise with engineers, water/wastewater operators, city officials and more by conducting educational seminars tailored to provide attendees a full understanding of both new and existing technologies. Many of the seminars we conduct satisfy state requirements for continuing education and are completely free […]

Ion Digital Level Control Sets Standard for Pump Float Switches

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Flash floods can occur in all 50 states and everyone lives in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified “flood zone”- it’s just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area. […]

Hotel Employs Variable Speed Controls to Reduce Energy Demands

  At Metropolitan Industries, we have the capability to bring the most up to date, energy efficient pump system to your commercial facility. Whether you require a retrofit substitution of a previous design or an entirely different pump system in general, Metropolitan has the experience, adaptability, and customer service to design and service the most […]