August 23, 2013

Excess Flow Pump Removed, Metropolitan to Repair

When one of the four excess flow pumps, built in the late 70s, in the City of Whiting Ind. stopped working, Metropolitan brought the pump back to the warehouse to repair it. During a storm event, when the rainfall exceeds the ability of the Raw Pumps, the Excess Flow operates to keep the City from flooding.


 The pump was removed from the wall down below which was crucial for the flow pump to be lifted from the ground.


Due to the 13,500 lb weight of the pump, careful calculations were performed to ensure the Crane would safely handle the pump at the required lifting angles. The pump is 40ft long, with a 36” diameter discharge and produces 32,000 GPM.


 The pump was loaded successfully onto the bed of the truck and safely delivered to Metropolitan where it will be worked on to find out if the pump can be repaired.



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