November 9, 2012

New Navien tankless water heater introduced

Metropolitan will host training on the new series in early December.


As an official representative of Navien America, Metropolitan is at the forefront of innovations in tankless water heating technology.

For years we’ve supplied customers with energy-efficient Navien tankless water heaters and combination units designed to provide the premier hot water experience.

Making the Navien brand even more exciting is the introduction of the new NPE premium condensing gas tankless water heater, with new and advanced features making the unit truly the best choice in tankless.

Many of the new features are designed to reduce installation cost and time, make operation of units simple and intuitive, and provide a high-performance.

New heaters utilize existing one-half-inch gas lines, which Metropolitan salesperson Mark Brickey said makes installation of tankless water heaters easier than ever before.

“The NPE is the first tankless model that can utilize a home’s one-half-inch gas line for lengths up to 24 feet,” said Brickey. “Many tankless alternatives do not have this capability which may require the installation of any entirely new gas line. With the NPE series, units employ existing gas lines, saving customers time and cost.”

In addition to utilizing existing gas lines, NPE units come with two-inch PVC venting, a cost-effective option for installation.

“Because Navien units exhaust low gas temperatures, customers can use PVC, CPVC and Polypropylene vent systems, which can significantly reduce costs associated with installation,” said Brickey. “Systems can use two-inch venting for up to 60 feet, which often allows those installing units to apply without constructing additional holes.”

For ease of usability, a front panel command center with user-interface makes units easy to set, run diagnostics and view essential system information.

Lastly, intelligent preheating technology recognizes hot water usage patterns, adapting to your daily trends to provide hot water when needed.

“This intelligent sensing technology recognizes when users are likely to use hot water and will automatically heat water and deliver to your fixtures without any complex programming involved,” Brickey said.

As has always been the case with Navien heaters, an industry best warranty package is included with the new series. In residential applications, labor is backed for one-year, parts for five years and heat exchanger for 15 years. In commercial applications, labor is backed for one-year, parts for three years and heat exchanger for five years.

As industry leaders, we’re committed to providing training for installers to ultimately ensure end users get the most out of equipment. To show this commitment, we’ll be hosting training on December 11, 2012 for all interested in learning how to both service and install NPE units.

For more information regarding the Navien NPE series, please contact a Metropolitan representative at 800-323-1665 or To register for training, please visit

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