April 18, 2019

Working with Municipalities to Keep Up with Increased Water Infrastructure Demands in Revived Economy

Municipal Water Infrastructure Demands in Growing Economy

Close up of a municipal lift station servicing a neighborhood.

An uptick in the home-building market signifies changes on many different levels that seem to ripple around a community. The first and most obvious is that the economy is strong, developers are moving forward with new projects or those that have fallen quiet, and people are buying homes. For most people, new homes are a positive sign and that’s really all that matters, but for those of us working “behind the scenes,” there’s more to it than just new houses.

At Metropolitan Industries, we’re no strangers to the push and pull of the economy, and we understand the demands, challenges, and opportunities that come with new construction.

On the surface, a strong economy means revived homebuilding, but if you dig a bit deeper you see that new homes bring everything from new sub divisions, schools, and commercial buildings, to new lift stations, water booster pump stations, and increased demands on infrastructures. These are all positive changes, and we always like digging in a bit to understand how these changes help shape communities and how we at Metropolitan can help, in the Midwest and around the country.

The Domino Effect of Home Building

As communities expand, everything must expand with them. From the standpoint of a municipality, this means stretching existing infrastructure, expanding reach, and preparing for increased demand on the system that will vary depending on what these new builds bring. We understand how this all falls together because we’ve been working with municipalities for decades to understand what they need to keep moving forward.

Most municipalities are already designed and prepared for some expansion because communities hope and plan for growth and the infrastructure follows suit, but eventually these plans must be updated due to increasing population and large commercial developments that follow this population increase. After reaching this tipping point, it becomes clear that existing equipment, mainly sanitary collection and water distribution systems, will no longer be able to provide the capacity necessary to keep things running smoothly as sprawl takes everything farther away from city centers.

When this happens, Metropolitan is at the ready. From planning to installation, we can help you understand what you need, where you need it, and how to make it possible. By being there from start to finish, we even make the entire process as easy as possible by eliminating the need to call multiple companies for one job.

Prefabricated Housed Pump System for Growing Municipal Water Infrastructure Demand

Prefabricated housed station, built and configured by Metropolitan Industries, servicing surrounding homes within its neighborhood.

Single Source Lift Station Design & Engineering

Lift stations often face two primary challenges. The first is sourcing confusion. It’s common for lift stations to use components (pumps, controls, SCADA, valves, etc.) sourced from multiple manufacturers, and this makes it difficult for owners to know who to call with an issue because responsibility is limited and spread thin. Second, inclement weather of all sorts can delay construction and, in extreme cases, derail the project timeline. Metropolitan clears both hurdles.

We have over 60 years of experience in the industry and we leverage this knowledge to make things easy for our customers by offering single source responsibility. This means the project proposal can include everything from guide rail components to our unique above ground control stations. Working with us, a single trusted supplier, offers peace of mind and accountability and makes servicing a breeze with only one number to call. Our parts inventory and round-the-clock availability only sweeten the deal.

As for working around the elements, we avoid that altogether. We build every custom control station in our weather-controlled facility. This arrangement allows to better monitor quality and helps limit the need for labor in the field as each station – customizable right down to the exterior finish – is delivered ready to go, requiring nothing more than connection at the site. If you also need an extra boost to ensure water delivery, we’ve got that covered, too.

Single Source Booster Pump System Design & Engineering

Metropolitan’s booster pump systems are designed to help you supply all the hard-to-reach locations in your growing water distribution network. Our pumps, with customizable flows and sizes, have stood the test of time, and our XTB Booster Pump System was even designed to run with single-phase or three-phase power to ensure ease of use in even the most remote settings. We also worked to design an improved enclosure layout to make everything more accessible to water operators who need to work on the system.

Our depth of knowledge allows Metropolitan’s experts to help you plan your project, understand the specifications and parameters that will make it a success, obtain the necessary permits and, when the time comes, deliver solutions and service that offer everything you need. New home building and an expansion of the community should be a positive experience for everyone involved, and we do our part to make that possible.

Is Your Water Infrastructure Keeping Up with Increased Demand?

We’d love to learn more more about your existing water and wastewater infrastructure and how we can help facilitate an upgrade to the water movement and management capabilities of your municipality.

Getting in touch with our team municipal pump system experts is just one click or phone call away.

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