October 10, 2019

Ion Technologies Introduces Two New Power-Pac, Pre-Piped Backup Sump Pump Systems

Power Pac Battery Sump Pump Systems by Ion Technologies

The 30ACi and 35ACi Power Pac Battery Backup Systems by Ion Technologies.

Ion Technologies, a brand of Metropolitan Industries, is excited to introduce two new assortments of our high quality pumps and water sensing technology units to our battery backup line. The 30ACi Power Pac and the 35ACi Power Pac are both pre-piped and easy to install systems that include the Ion Genesis controller, a battery box with inverter, (2) 1/3 HP sump pumps, and Ion digital level control sensors. Both all-in-one systems are easy to assemble and can be simply installed into the existing sump basin.

  • Pre-piped, simple and easy installation
  • Automatic warning of mechanical failure, power loss, and high water levels
  • Full display information on ACi inverter and Ion Genesis controller
  • 42 GPM (30ACi Power Pac) @ 10’ Head
  • 55 GPM (35ACi Power Pac) @ 10’ Head
  • Ion digital level control/alarm sensors with no moving parts
  • Uninterrupted pumping in the event of power outages or sump pump failure
  • 3-year warranty

Both battery backup packages also have the option to integrate with the new generation of our Ion+ Connect Monitoring & Alarm System. For more information about purchasing our battery backup system options, call us at 815-886-9200 or visit our participating Ion Technologies wholesale locations section via IonProducts to find a supplier near you!

Ion Technologies Battery Backup Systems

There is no one size fits all option when it comes to basement flood prevention. The Ion Technologies product line gives contractors an extensive selection of products to exceed the most unique basement application challenges.

Learn more about our complete selection of battery backup systems, including the 30 ACi and 35 ACi Power Pac Systems.

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  1. Pre-Piped Backup Sump Pump Systems is a kind of fantastic innovation. I think I will set up on of them in my basement.

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