October 3, 2019

Growth Through Innovation Inspired by In-House Manufacturing

Pump System Manufacturer

Metropolitan Industries is excited to take part in Manufacturing Day on October 4th to help celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

For over 60 years, Metropolitan has been a leading manufacturer in the pumping industry providing complete system solutions in the municipal, commercial, industrial and residential markets. With the ability to offer per-project customizations, Metropolitan ensures that our engineered pump and control systems adhere to the unique specifications of each individual job.

Metropolitan specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated packaged systems that provide solutions for safe and reliable water supply and treatment, hot water circulation, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, mechanical heating and cooling, water temperature control and water re-use.

Metropolitan was established in 1957, from a home office in Western Springs, IL. At that time, founder Marty Martinson and present day owner John Kochan, Sr. recognized an opportunity within the industry by offering in-depth education and service to customers. By focusing on specialization, Metropolitan’s philosophy, which still holds true today, “Growth Through Innovation” was adopted.

Welding for Assembly of Custom Pumping System

Behind the Scenes at Metropolitan Industries

Since the beginning, Metropolitan has been a family owned and family oriented company. We’ve always believed that doing the right thing for our customers and our employees would lead to all the right things for Metropolitan as a business. As a company, our dedicated workforce has risen to over 150 total team members that occupy our current 100,000 square foot facility in Romeoville, IL.

If you’ve ever wondered how we ensure the highest possible standards for our products, then you’ve come to the right place. While some companies in the industry choose to outsource production, Metropolitan has chosen to keep things in-house. Every Metropolitan employee plays a huge role in accomplishing our goal: deliver the best solution to our customer.

From our skilled engineering team to our hard-working fabrication and field service technicians, it takes collaboration from the entire Metropolitan team to ensure each project is seen through to the end. Even after the project has been completed and delivered to our customer, our customer service, field service and sales team work to answer any follow up questions that may arise even after a job has been started up.

It takes a dedicated and skilled team to keep up with production. From the submittal process all the way through delivery and startup of a system, the Metropolitan team is driven and determined to provide our customers with the highest quality service and solutions.

Specialization is at the forefront in what we strive to provide our customers with. This specialization also applies to our dedication and service from every part of the larger Metropolitan team, inside our facility and out.

As we celebrate National Manufacturing Day today, we also look forward to continuing our effort in growing our team and providing the highest quality of system solutions to our end users.

Components of Company with In-House Manufacturing

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