June 4, 2018

Metropolitan Scores Under Par with Booster Pump Engineering Expertise at Top Golf

Pump System Engineering for Water Delivery at Top Golf

Golf has become a favorite pastime for many people and Top Golf understands this better than most. It’s true that Top Golf doesn’t take a traditional approach to the sport, and you won’t find yourself walking through 18 holes, but the company and its growing number of more than 35 locations across the country (with global locations coming soon) manages to add a fun twist to the sport. To do so, the chain has taken the simplicity of a driving range and turned it into something competitive, social, and completely new.

Of course, to ensure this experience is positive for everyone involved, from those enjoying all that Top Golf has to offer to those simply living in a community that is home to one of the many locations, everything has to run as smoothly as possible. On the surface, this sounds pretty simple, and every location works hard to make it seem that way, but there’s a lot of effort and, in some case, engineering, that support this goal.

At Metropolitan, we know that every detail matters and we’re proud to do our part by offering booster-pump engineering expertise at several Top Golf locations across the United States while also working to maintain the safety and purity of the larger municipal water supply though the inclusion of air-gap break tank systems as needed.

Boosting The Water Supply

At a facility like Top Golf, water is used for everything from cleaning dishes and washing golf balls to watering the landscape and running the bathrooms. Needless to say, ensuring the availability of this water is important, and the best way to accomplish that is with a booster pump system. These systems work to ensure that all potable water gets where it needs to go and is delivered to every tap with consistent, acceptable pressure.

Metropolitan booster pump systems do just that. Every one of our systems is supplied with pumps, motors, piping, valves and controls that are factory assembled and tested by Metropolitan’s trained experts. Best of all, our systems can also be custom designed, built, and installed to help ensure they meet the unique needs of a given application.

In the case of Top Golf, the customization was forward thinking, with pumps designed with one-piece, cartridge-type mechanical seals for streamlined maintenance and serviceability. Generally speaking, every Top Golf location has very similar overall needs because they’re designed to offer a consistently enjoyable experience across all locations, but some locations also exist in municipalities with a unique requirement: the use of an air-gap break tank.

Fortunately, we’re just as comfortable with unique as we are with standard. Though different back-flow prevention systems are commonly used, our innovative air-gap break-tank systems add additional performance to our already impressive pump systems.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination of Potable Water

One of the primary concerns for every municipality and commercial facility is the risk of cross-contaminating potable water, leading to potentially major issues for both the business and the larger water supply. We provide systems to prevent this contamination.

Increasingly, air-gap break tanks are becoming more popular than other backflow prevention systems. Though some backflow systems are less expensive upfront, they are expensive to maintain over time when compared to an air-gap that requires minimal maintenance. In short, these air-gap break tank systems keep potable water safe and Metropolitan’s complete, custom engineered packages offer the same reliability as our other top performing products. Additionally, every one of our systems comes with the same support you’ve come to trust from Metropolitan over the years.

What exactly does reliable support mean for the Top Golf locations we’ve worked on in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia? It means the same thing it would mean if these locations were in Illinois. Though we proudly call Romeoville, Illinois home, we support our clients across the United States and work to ensure that even those across the country can rest easy knowing we’re here to help.

Reliable Potable Water Distribution

Top Golf needed a top-performing booster pump system and, in some locations, air-gap system and turned to Metropolitan to help meet these needs to ensure smooth operations every day. More specifically, John Triphahn, Vice President and Chief Plumbing Engineer of W-T Engineering, was already familiar with the value Metropolitan brings to the table and didn’t hesitate to reach out to us for many Topgolf projects. Plus, when our history of expertise in the market is paired with our love of golf, this project became a natural fit.

Sure, these facility upgrades might not improve your backswing or make you look any more skilled on your next visit, but they do help to ensure that everything goes as planned as you work through your next game in pursuit of a win.

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