Air Gap Break Tank Systems

  • Protects potable water supplies by preventing the cross contamination of two water types.
  • Custom engineering capabilities allow for per project customizations.
  • Factory assembled and performance tested. Custom control integration.

Isolating water sources from possible cross-contamination is often required in a variety of applications. Metropolitan has mastered the protection of potable water supply via our Air Gap Break Tank Systems. Utilizing the concept of a physical air gap, these systems prevent the direct contact between potable water and non-potable water within a building or facility. Air Gap Break Tank Systems provide several safeguards to ensure that the two water types can never cross-contaminate. Rising water within a break tank spills out via overflow exits before ever coming close to a supply pipe opening, preventing cross-contamination via either backsiphonage or backpressure backflow.

Physical air-gaps are one of the simplest, most reliable means for preventing back flow, having been implemented for a variety of applications where cross-connection exists, including treatment plants, lift stations and laboratories. Air Gap Break Tanks are equipped with their own boosting pump systems to ensure that the proper movement of water is possible and is delivered to the end-user at the necessary pressure that is both comfortable and compliant to code.

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Reliable Potable Water Supply Protection

While there are several variables in the movement and distribution of potable water, perhaps the most important one is ensuring that the supplied water is safe for drinking. An important variable in providing reliable drinking water is by preventing the cross connection between potable water and non-potable substances.

Metropolitan’s Air Gap Break Tanks are integrated utilizing the latest technological and intuitive control capabilities. Our cloud-based SCADA system, MetroCloud, provides mission-critical functionality to pump systems. MetroCloud provides fully integrated SCADA features with the latest security updates to ensure secure communication between the master system and remote stations. MetroCloud provides the same functionality of locally hosted SCADA computer with thin client access a personal devices.

Metropolitan is at the forefront of the break tank technology. Our in-house team of engineers, designers and application specialists are ready to help integrate the best possible cross-contamination control solutions for your next project. With our added customization capabilities, each Air-Gap Break Tank System can be customized specifically for your application, guaranteeing optimum performance and results.

  • Reservoir, pumps and control systems from a single source, factory packaged and tested.
  • Provides isolation of fresh water for secondary protected water systems.
  • Several tank, pump and control options are available to meet any specification.
  • Positive air gap outperforms backflow preventers.

Additional Details:

  • Variable speed packaged pump systems.
  • Multiplex configurations (Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex, Custom).
  • Horizontally-configured multi-stage pumps, or single-stage centrifugal pumps.
  • Designed to isolate & protect primary water source upstream of the system.
  • Hydraulically-controlled fill-valves maintain maximum water storage volume.
  • Stored water reservoirs include critical features designed to minimize entrained air & turbulence.
  • Controls monitor outlet pressure as well as reservoir level, to maintain desired pressure & level control, simultaneously.
  • Advances in level-control technology as well as real-time two-way communication capabilities, provide options for virtually limitless human interaction and operational enhancements.
  • Construction materials & metallurgy customizable to match the specific applications.
  • Designed to meet or exceed applicable NSF standards.

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