Your Pump and Control Systems Design Assistance Partner

Since 1957, our company has provided complete pumping systems to meet the most dynamic water movement and management requirements. We continue to invest heavily in research and development, allowing us to provide exceptional results to our end-users in a variety of plumbing and mechanical applications.

Pump System Manufacturing

Packaged Pump Systems with State-of-the-Art Controls

Engineered to solve the most dynamic water movement and management challenges throughout North America.

Pump System Engineering

Custom Engineering & Fabrication Capabilities

Our custom capabilities and single source reliability makes us a one of a kind partner for the most complete pumping systems.

Pump System Solutions

Solutions that Solve a Vast Array of Water Challenges

Our solutions meet the most intricate project requirements within the municipal, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

From consulting engineers to end-users, our customers have come to rely on our engineering prowess and “whatever it takes” approach to providing the most efficient pumping solutions to a variety of water movement and management challenges from start to finish.

Complex Solutions Made Simple

Our custom turnkey pumping solutions simplify water movement and management of all sizes. Whether your application involves the movement, heating or treatment of water, Metropolitan Industries can design and engineer the right system for your upcoming project.

Recent Projects & Installations

Our multitude of water movement and management solutions have allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities for a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial job sites. Learn more about some of our most recent projects and installations to get a better sense of how Metropolitan Industries can enhance your application’s water control responsibilities.

Simple Solutions that are Versatile

With our custom engineering and fabrication capabilities, we can design and build a complete pumping system that is just right for your specific project and application requirements.

Our proven design and engineering capabilities allow us to expand our packaged system offerings into additional areas.

  • Controls & Monitoring
  • Water and Wastewater Control and Monitoring

    Integrated control capabilities for new or existing pumping applications.

  • Services & Capabilities
  • Water Movement and Management Services

    From sales assistance and training to system design and fabrication.

  • Our Company
  • Metropolitan Industries in Romeoville, IL

    Learn about our history, our brands, latest projects, innovations and more!

Meeting All of Your Needs Under One Roof

From conception to installation and everything in between, our packaged systems are custom designed and engineered to ensure that they solve the unique needs of each project. Our sales, engineers, service, logistics and fabrication teams work together to seamlessly create the most efficient water movement and management solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to build and integrate the perfect solution for your next project!