Projects & Installations

Hyatt Regency Chicago Reduces Water & Energy Demands

The Encarta Dictionary of North America defines the word “feat” as a remarkable act or achievement involving skill and determination. When describing the plumbing renovations conducted in the east and west towers of Hyatt Regency Chicago, a feat is the only word that best describes this project. Hyatt Regency Chicago is the largest hotel in [...]

SCADA Systems Incorporate Versatile Solutions

A Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) is vital to any municipal application by providing users need to know information in real time critical to water and wastewater pumping installations.

Reduce Boiler Fuel Consumption by 50 Percent

The life blood of any commercial building is the mechanical systems running behind the scenes that include domestic water booster systems, fire suppression pump systems and HVAC systems.

Digital Level Control set to Replace Mechancial Float Switches

Mechanical pump switch’s days are numbered thanks to a new product called the Ion Digital Level Control launched by Romeoville, Ill.,-based Metropolitan Industries that replaces mechanical switch operation with intelligent microprocessor technology.

What about Green?

As energy prices rise and our limited resources such as water continue to dwindle, our Federal and State governments are considering many new technologies to reduce consumption such as rain water harvesting, gray water recycling and solar domestic hot water heating.

Packaged Pumping Systems

Packaged pumping systems are popular these days due to the benefits associated with them, which include the ease of installation, single source responsibility and streamlining of the manufacturing process.

Energy Costs, Tax Breaks Energize Solar Market

As energy prices continue to rise at an alarming pace, consumers are turning their attention to alternative forms of energy to power their homes. A front-runner in the alternative energy market is solar power, which is gaining popularity thanks in most part to the energy crisis gripping the country. Solar power is finding its way into homes across America tasked with reducing the costs for everyday things such as heating our homes and water.