Emmons Metro LLC

Emmons Metro LLC, based in Albany, New York, provides an extensive supply of pumps, equipment and controls for a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial applications. The company, originally founded as Emmons Pump & Control, was acquired by Metropolitan Industries in August, 2019.

When Kim Emmons founded the company in the early 1990s, it quickly made a name for itself throughout Upstate New York by delivering quality products and supporting these products with quality service. Emmons began to distribute products on behalf of Metropolitan Industries, which marked the beginning of a long and steady relationship between the two companies. The team in New York helped Metropolitan expand its reach and expertise. Now, with Emmons Metro as part of the Metropolitan Industries family, they can count on the strength of our manufacturing, engineering and marketing capabilities to help them grow their customer base and continue offering quality service.

Utilizing their combined 25 plus years of product and market expertise, combined with the added resources provided by Metropolitan, Emmons Metro is fully committed to providing their project partners and end users with optimized solutions that solve the most dynamic water movement and management challenges.

To learn more about Emmons Metro and their line of pumps, controls, packaged systems and field repair services, please continue to the Emmons Metro website or call them direct at 518-694-0404.

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Headquarters & Mailing Address:
Emmons Metro LLC
453 North Pearl
Albany, NY 12204

Phone Number:
(518) 694-0404

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