Test lab critical in recent pressure reducing valves seminar

Metropolitan commercial sales manager Mike Ponx instructs attendees during our recent pressure reducing valves training seminar.

In an effort to educate our business partners on the workings of pressure reducing valves, we recently hosted a training seminar on the subject, with our state-of-the-art test lab playing a decisive role in its success.

Instructed by Metropolitan commercial sales manager Mike Ponx and long-time service technician Mike Ihnat, the course was designed to provide entry-level plumbers with a basic understanding of pressure reducing valves.

“At times, contactors will request training classes on pressure reducing valves for members of their organization that are unfamiliar with the function, design and maintenance of the equipment,” said Ponx. “This class provides significant benefits for those who attend, primarily because they’re able to operate on pressure reducing valves in our test lab.”

Ponx said courses typically being with a PowerPoint presentation in a classroom-type setting. The presentation covers the sizing, installation, positioning, operation, features and benefits of pressure reducing valves. The second portion of the course takes place in our test lab, where guests are given the opportunity to service pressure reducing valves in a controlled environment.

“The fact we can offer attendees the opportunity to operate, design and repair pressure reducing valves in a safe and monitored atmosphere makes the class truly uncommon,” said Ponx. “I’m not aware of too many other venues that can facilitate moving water, setting pressures, and handling the full tear down of this type of equipment all in a supervised fashion.”

Ponx said the setting ultimately creates a sense of comfort for participants, and that the hands-on aspect of the class best prepares them for field work.

“When you’re under pressure in the field, your thought process can get lost quickly if you aren’t very familiar with pressure reducing valves,” said Ponx. “We try to keep the course setting relaxed and strictly educational. This gives guests the opportunity to work at their own pace and ask any questions when complications occur.”

Led by Metropolitan service technician Mike Ihnat, guests were given the ability to operate on pressure reducing valves in our test lab.

Ponx said the end goal of the course is to ensure all guests leave with a better understanding of pressure reducing valves and are prepared to develop solutions for the challenges associated with the equipment in everyday field work.

“At the end of the day we’re trying to establish a level of familiarity between attendees and the pressure reducing valves they will be servicing,” said Ponx. “The setup we have in our test lab is absolutely critical, simply because this is where knowledge and comfort are truly attained. We keep these courses limited to around 10 to 12 guests, which gives everyone the worthwhile experience of working on equipment.”

Ponx said he recommends all attendees return for future sessions in order to retain all topics discussed throughout the course.

As pumping systems leaders, we are committed to providing training to industry professionals. We are more than happy to schedule training for pressure reducing valves and a variety of topics for all engineers, water/wastewater operators and others interested.

For more information regarding this course or to inquire about other training programs Metropolitan offers, please contact 800-323-1665 or sales@metropolitanind.com. For additional courses we provide, please visit www.ilceu.com.

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