Take Control with the Ion Genesis®

Metropolitan’s Ion Genesis® smart sensing controller gives users control of all vital pumping options.

The development of our Ion™ Digital Level Control float switch opened the door for the development of new products within the Ion product line including our user-programmable smart sensing controller, the Ion Genesis®.

To put in the most simplistic terms possible, the Ion Genesis® is the most complete pump controller on the market, providing the most features and safeguards against the devastation of flooding.

The Ion Genesis® comes complete with dual Ion™ Digital Level Control float switches which continuously diagnose and report real-time critical pumping information to the controller.  The controller itself gives users control of all vital aspects of pumping and efficiently cycles pumps to minimize pump turn-on cycles, ultimately adding life to the pump itself.

Metropolitan Salesperson James Spurney said everything starts with Ion™ Digital Level Control float switches, which are used in place of standard float switches.  These sensors are the most reliable on the market and incorporate no moving parts, which is associated with 98% of mechanical switch failures.

Basic features include a high water alarm and easy installation, but Spurney contends the Ion Genesis’® advanced features of protecting against floods are what distinguishes itself from similar products on the market.

“For starters, you have the redundancy of not just two pumps, but two of the most reliable float switches available,” said Spurney.  “Even if one of the float switches were to fail, a high water alarm will notify the user and will also keep both pumps operating.  This feature is not available anywhere else and will ultimately give users the time to replace a failed switch and still prevent flooding.”

Another unique feature of the Ion Genesis® is the ability for users to manually adjust the pumping level.  The level can be adjusted from 2” to 24” in 0.5” increments using the controller without entering the pit.  Spurney said this not only gives the product versatility, but can also extend the life of pumps as well.

“The ability to adjust the level differential is only available on the Ion Genesis®” said Spurney.  “Users can also set the level to produce the longest cycle time which is ultimately going to extend the overall life of the pump.”

Installation of the Ion Genesis® involves no hard-wiring or complex programming and can be used in small or large volume sump pits.

The combination of versatility, value and multiple fail safes make the Ion Genesis® the premier product in flood control.

“A pump alternator that is capable of testing the primary switch, the backup switch and has a high water alarm that can still run the pumps if switch failure occurs is a one of a kind piece of equipment,” said Spurney.  “In addition, the flexible nature of Ion™ Digital Level Control switches and the ability to adjust the pumping level ensures this product can be used in nearly any residential application.  Simply put, this is the best pump alternator available.”

For more information regarding the Ion Genesis®, please contact 815-886-9200 or visit us on the web.

Ion Digital Level Control Sets Standard for Pump Float Switches

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Flash floods can occur in all 50 states and everyone lives in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified “flood zone”- it’s just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area.

Based on NFIP data, floods have caused nearly $2.7 billion in U.S. losses over the past 10 years (2001-2010) and anyone can be financially vulnerable to floods: People outside of high-risk areas file over 20% of NFIP claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.

While flooding may be overlooked in comparison to other natural disasters, the destructive nature of such an event is catastrophic. To minimize the risk of flooding, it is of the upmost importance to have dependable, high-quality equipment protecting your property and other valuable assets.

Metropolitan Industries’ Ion Product Line is designed to do just that. Our top of the line products incorporate the latest technologies designed to minimize the risk of flooding and have become the industry leaders in flood prevention.

As we move forward, we’re excited to announce the addition of new, innovative products to be added to our Ion Family. Each of these products has been developed with one constant goal: Incorporating new technologies to enhance the overall effectiveness of the product.

The Ion Family started over two years ago when Metropolitan Industries President John Kochan Jr. conceived the idea of developing the most reliable sump pump float switch. Since the development and release of the product, Ion™ Digital Level Control, the Ion Family has grown into the most dependable line of products in the flood control industry.

Ion™ Digital Level Control

When Metropolitan Industries launched their patented Ion™ Digital Level Control over two years ago, the entire dynamic of pump switch operation changed. Replacing traditional mechanical float switches and providing advantages over alternative types of pump switches, Ion™ Digital Level Control gives customers the reliability, operation and extended switch life no other product can provide.

“Generally speaking, the primary reason a sump pump will fail to evacuate the water is not because of the pump itself, but because of the float switch,” says Metropolitan Salesperson Brian Drafke. “Mechanical switches, which incorporate moving parts, will experience a great deal of wear and tear over time and are susceptible to failure.”

Switch failure, of course, leads to pump failure which can produce flooding in residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Ion™ Digital Level Control incorporates no moving parts, which is associated with 98% of mechanical switch failures. You’ll never have to worry about flooding during high periods of rain due to the design that handles high inrush pump loads and protects the electrical contacts.

Tested over two million cycles, Ion™ Digital Level Control adds life to your pump and provides a safeguard against switch failure due to its overall design.

In addition to its first of a kind solid-state sensing technology, it is leak resistant and extremely durable due to its proprietary enclosure, while multiple stainless steel screws supply optimized pressure to ensure superior sealing properties and durability.

What Ion™ Digital Level Control also provides is a diversity and quality customers never before have experienced.

• Comparison to the mechanical float switch: “With mechanical float switches, you’re limited in how many suitable applications they fit,” says Drake. “In small sump pits, these switches can be problematic and may not be usable. With Ion™ Digital Level Control, the switch can be placed in any size pit.”

• Comparison to the vertical float switch: “Vertical level float switches are limited in regards to level differential and where the unit can be placed in a sump pit,” says Drafke. “Ion™ Digital Level Control gives users the flexibility to place the switch anywhere and has standard differential heights of 6 inches for standard sump applications and 10 inches for sewage applications.”

• Comparison to the traditional pressure switch: “Without a doubt, the primary advantage of choosing Ion™ Digital Level Control over traditional pressure switches is the fact it comes without any moving parts,” says Drafke. “Not only does that eliminate one of the largest causes of switch failure, it simply gives the customer a higher quality product and adds life to the pump itself.”

Simply put, Ion™ Digital Level Control provides versatility and advantages over alternative pump switches the competition simply cannot match.

Metropolitan is committed to bringing the highest quality of products to the industry. The beginning was the development of Ion™ Digital Level Control and since then, our product line has grown even stronger. For more information regarding Ion™ Digital Level Control, please contact 815-886-9200, sales@metropolitanind.com or visit www.ionstormpro.com.

Ion Digital Level Controller to Replace Mechanical Float Switches on Residential Sump and Sewage Pumps

Ion Digital Level Control Switch Product Release

The Ion Digital Level Control Switch is the first of its kind, solid state sensing technology. Completely replaces mechanical float switches, minimizing the most common cause for sump pump failures.

Metropolitan Industries is pleased to announce the launch of the Ion Digital Level Controller, designed and engineered for residential sump and sewage pumps. Under development for the last several years, the patent-pending digital level pump control switch eliminates moving parts, which are the detriment of most mechanical switches, and replaces it with solid-state sensing technology.

“The problem was never the pump because they are generally built to last,” says John Kochan, Jr., president of Metropolitan Industries. “The problem has always been the switch responsible for the critical task of turning the pump on and off.”

Kochan developed the idea for the new product by utilizing solid state components and applying them to switch technology.

“Mechanical switches use moving parts and wear and tear in a sump pit environment will always break those components down over time,” says Kochan, Jr.

While mechanical switches are useful and function properly over a period of time, they are always subject to failure. Switch failures translate into non-running pumps, which can result in flooded commercial, industrial and residential locations.

With the demand for reliable switches evident with recent recalls put forth by some of the largest pump manufacturers during the last decade, Metropolitan began work over a period of three years to develop a product that can outperform mechanical switches in longevity and dependability.

Ion Digital Level Controller Design and Engineering

The Ion Digital Level Controller is precisely designed and engineered to electronically activate and de-activate pumps, eliminating the all too frequent mechanical failures that happen with standard float switches.

How the Digital Level Sump Pump Controller Works

The Ion Digital Level Controller is a technologically advanced device that senses water level/pressure through the use of a proprietary sensor and microprocessor driven digital control. The microprocessor within the digital float sensor samples analog data from proprietary sensor, which electro-mechanically converts the water pressure to an electrical resistance. Because water pressure is directly proportional to the water height, the electrical resistance of the proprietary sensor is also proportional to the water height. The resistance of the proprietary sensor is measured by means of a resistive bridge network before passing into the microprocessors analog to digital converter.

Traditionally, sump and sewage pumps often have been started by means of a mechanical switch. The mechanical switch design often uses a set of electrical contacts which close under a given water height scenario, thereby activating the sump pump. Due to the alternating nature of the electrical voltage source from the utility, large voltage differentials could possibly be present across the mechanical switch contacts prior to turning on a pump. When a pump is suddenly turned on under these conditions, large transient current surges could be expected as the motor begins to rotate. These transient surges often cause heating of the electrical contacts which, over time, effectively reduce the lifetime of the switch. This condition is further amplified when a mechanical switch attempts to open and turn off the pump.

When a mechanical switch suddenly opens an inductive motor load, the time rate of change of the current flow can be very large. This value, multiplied by the motors internal inductance, induces a large voltage transient across the mechanical switch contacts. This transient often causes arcing of the contacts which, over time, can cause the switch to wear and ultimately fail. It is well known in the sump pump industry that the cause of most pumping failures occurs when the pumps switch fails.

The embodiments of the ION Switch effectively eliminate the problem of switching transients and contact arcing by incorporating both a solid state switching device in parallel with an electrical relay. When a pump is called for, the turn on cycle begins by enabling the solid state device, or triac. The nature of the triac in our design is to switch on a load under low voltage conditions. By starting the pump motor from a low voltage potential, both radiated and conducted electrical noise have been dramatically reduced.

The Ion Digital Level Control is universal and can be used in almost any pumping application dependent of level control as well as effluent sump and sewage. To customize operation, the Ion Digital Level Control has standard differential heights of 6 inches for standard sump applications and 10 inches for sewage applications and is inverter rated for use with most battery back up systems. The Ion can be programmed for custom applications as well.

A Digital Upgrade Alternative from Mechanical Float Switches

“We feel the Ion Digital Level Controller will transform the plumbing industry much the way battery back up systems did in the 1980s because we figured the way to eliminate the moving parts associated with most switch failures,” says Kochan, Jr.

“As wholesalers and plumbers realize there is a product available that can eliminate the problems associated with mechanical switches, it will only be a matter of time until mechanical switches are replaced entirely,” he added.

Among the key features of the Ion Digital Level Controller includes:

  • Contact protection specifically designed to handle high inrush current pump loads
  • First of a kind solid-state sensing technology
  • Leak resistant and extremely durable proprietary enclosure
  • Solid-state design with no contact points
  • Differential heights of 6-inch for standard sump applications and 10-inch for sewage applications
  • Multiple stainless steel screws supply optimized pressure ensuring superior sealing properties and durability

Additional specifications:

  • Rated for both effluent and sewage use with pumps using a piggy back plug system
  • Auto power reset, “no touch” design
  • No maintenance or cleaning required
  • Inverted rated for use with most back-up systems, including the AC-powered Ion Technologies line of backup systems
  • For use with all 120 vap pumps up to 15 amps
  • Factory calibrated
Metropolitan Industries, Inc. President John Kochan Jr with Ion Digital Level Control Switch

Metropolitan Industries Presdient John Kochan, Jr., holds the Ion® Digital Level Controller Switch.

Interested in Learning More?

The Ion Digital Level Control Switch was the catalyst that eventually led to the branding of Ion Technologies, our residential pumps division.

For more information, please continue to the Ion Technologies website.

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