Metropolitan expands HVAC division

Mike Temes (left) and Neil Vogel (right) bring new offerings to Metropolitan’s HVAC division.

In an effort to expand the capabilities of its HVAC division, Metropolitan is proud to announce the additions of Mike Temes and Neil Vogel. Mike and Neil bring over 15 years of industry experience to Metropolitan and both are experts in the heat transfer and industrial process businesses.

Metropolitan’s HVAC division specializes in products including gas-condensing boilers, high-efficiency heating systems, gas-fired boilers, modular condensing hot water systems, high-efficiency air and dirt separators, hydronic pumps and more. The additions of Temes and Vogel will help expand our product line and further enhance our HVAC offerings.

“One of our goals is to simply enrich what is already a unique and diverse HVAC division at Metropolitan,” said Temes. “Neil and I bring expertise in the applications of steam, hot water and heat transfer to further expand the division’s capabilities.”

Many products including boiler feed packages, heat transfer packages, customized heat exchangers, condensate return units specifically for steam applications, prefabricated boiler skids (hot water and steam), pre-piped PRV stations and pre-piped control valve stations are now included in Metropolitan’s HVAC product index with the additions of Vogel and Temes.

Part of our commitment at Metropolitan is providing equipment to best suit our customer’s particular applications. Customer specifications are of paramount priority and the knowledge Temes and Vogel bring to Metropolitan further extends our commitment to providing products tailored to meet customer’s needs.

“One characteristic Metropolitan is known for is providing the most practical equipment to customers designed to fulfill their needs,” said Vogel. “Mike and I are fully committed to not just supplying customers with equipment, but breaking down the project, determining what the customer is trying to accomplish and getting the right piece of equipment for the applications, whether it’s in or outside of the box.”

Adding Vogel and Temes gives Metropolitan the design skill set it can now combine with its fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, truly making it a one stop shop for your HVAC needs.

“The design experience Neil and Mike bring to our company is the perfect complement to our manufacturing and fabrication abilities,” said Metropolitan Industries President John Kochan Jr. “We’ve always prided ourselves on being a single source provider due to the fact it makes customer service easy and fosters a team environment in which all customer specifications are met.”

To learn more about our HVAC division and all of its capabilities, attend our Open House, where products will be on display and seminars, such as our “cutting thermal energy costs/Nicor Rebates,” will be held.

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