2013 seminar schedule released

An important commitment to the many markets we serve is sharing our knowledge and expertise with water and wastewater operators, plumbers, design engineers, city officials and more to best prepare industry professionals for everyday field work.

After welcoming hundreds of guests to our facility for our number of training programs in 2012, we are pleased to announce our 2013 schedule, complete with many new courses designed to introduce and inform attendees of the latest industry technologies, has been finalized.

Six courses from last year are revitalized with new presentations and demonstrations, while three entirely new classes have been added to the schedule.

Two of our new classes pertain to commercial-plumbing applications, the first focusing strictly on the application, maintenance, operation and repair of pressure reducing valves.

“Our ‘A Discussion of Pressure Reducing Valves’ class offers participants the opportunity to operate, design and repair pressure reducing valves in a safe and monitored atmosphere, which makes the class truly uncommon,” said course instructor and Metropolitan commercial sales manager Mike Ponx. “I’m not aware of other venues that can facilitate moving water, setting pressures, and the full tear down of this type of equipment all in a supervised fashion.”

A second new commercial-plumbing offering details specific methods of improving the energy efficiency of various pumping systems in commercial buildings.  Entitled “Energy Saving Strategies,” the program is intended to provide participants from facilities managers, contractors, owners and maintenance personnel an in-depth look at strategies to improve the overall efficiency of commercial pumping systems.

“With the technology at our disposal today, more and more techniques of improving the operation and energy efficiency of commercial systems are emerging,” said course instructor and Metropolitan commercial salesperson Kent Swanson.  “As premier manufacturers of commercial pumping systems, we are at the forefront of these technologies, tirelessly bringing our business partners new ways to improve the performance of their equipment.”

Our final new seminar relates to two topics Metropolitan has recently acquired extensive familiarity in.  The recent expansion of our commercial division has allowed us to supply and manufacture innovative mechanical equipment, and we’re proud to share this knowledge in our “Basics of Steam/Heat Transfer Applications” course.

“This course will primarily serve as an introduction to concepts in steam and heat transfer applications, covering everything from theory to operation,” said instructor and Metropolitan mechanical salesperson Mike Temes.  “Though exploratory in nature, it has the potential to turn into a very lively course simply due to the surrounding capabilities Metropolitan has.  We’re hoping these new topics will appeal to guests and bring new visitors to Metropolitan who may be unaware of our training services.”

As has always been the case with our training seminars, many satisfy state requirements for continuing education.  All courses are free of charge and lunch is always provided.

Future dates will be arranged, so please check in at www.ilceu.com for updated schedules.   All seminars are conducted at our facility in Romeoville, Ill.

For more information regarding seminars that qualify for continuing education, registration, times and how we can bring courses to your facility, please visit www.ilceu.com.

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