Special Fabrication Aids Franklin Park, Ill. Pump Station Renovation

A view of the renovated water pump station in Franklin Park, Ill.

At Metropolitan Industries, we pride ourselves on service that exceeds customer specifications. Over the years, we have modernized the fabrication process to complete projects that include even the most difficult of challenges.

The Village of Franklin Park, Ill. recently made the decision to upgrade an existing pump station and contractor Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. of Arlington Heights, Ill. called upon Metropolitan to assist in addressing their needs.

The facility was more than 40 years old and served as a main water pump station for the village. The project required specialized fabrication of certain parts to aid in installation of the new booster pumps.

Following an initial field visit, Metropolitan Salesperson Ken Turnquist came to the conclusion that specially fabricated spools would be required for the project to function upon completion. To accommodate the village’s needs, Metropolitan’s Bob Svoboda designed several custom-dimensioned offset spools to ensure the new pumps would work in the existing configuration.

“We needed to design special 12-inch by 8-inch spools, so I essentially started with a 12-inch diameter pipe and constructed it on a segment by segment basis” said Svoboda. “By the time we had finished, the other end of the spool matched the 8-inch connection and bolted in perfectly.”

In total, eight specially fabricated spools were required to complete the project.

Turnquist says the need to specially fabricate a system is an opportunity Metropolitan faces on a routine basis. Lift station adapter flanges for rail systems are one of many special fabrications Metropolitan creates regularly.

Metropolitan’s Fabrication Department designed eight offset spools for the upgrade.

“We’re often faced with projects where existing wetwells have all of the piping and suction elbows mounted,” said Turnquist. “In many instances the customer elects to utilize one of our pumps, but a stock flange cannot fit in the existing rail system. This is where we have to specially fabricate a new flange that will allow the new pump to seal on the existing base elbows.”

For more information, please contact Ken Turnquist at 815-886-9200, ext. 261 or sales@metropolitanind.com.

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