June 22, 2012

New Products to be Added to Ion Product Line

One of our commitments at Metropolitan Industries is bringing innovative technologies to the marketplace every year.

Three years ago, Metropolitan developed the Ion® Switch, a first of a kind solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts, and we’ve never looked back.  We are now building a family of products using technology never before available.

Products such as the Ion Genesis®, a first of a kind digital pump controller designed to operate one or two pumps, incorporate new technologies that have allowed Metropolitan to become leaders in the pump industry.

The Ion Genesis® incorporates smart sensing technology that sends critical system information such as water level and many more features direct to the Ion Genesis® controller.  Users can collect and analyze system data never before possible, such as pump amp draw and level trends with the controller. Any change or variation in your system performance will sound an alarm to alert of possible equipment failure before flooding occurs.

The Ion Genesis® is just one of many Metropolitan products that have introduced new technologies, giving customers unique capabilities they never before had access to.

As we move forward, we’re excited to announce the development of new products to be added to the Ion family.  As has become the standard with Metropolitan, we’ve developed each product with the end goal of introducing new technologies to customers.

To learn more about the new products to be added to our Ion® Product Line in 2012 and 2013, check out our video below.  We know you’ll be impressed with what is coming your way from Ion|StormPro®.

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