June 28, 2012

New Ion|StormPro® Trailer Raising Product Awareness

To further expose our Ion|StormPro® product line, we officially introduced our Ion|StormPro® display trailer at the Illinois-PHCC show in late March of this year.  Complete with a water display, pumps and control equipment, the display trailer can best be described as a “trade show on wheels” with features that allow customers to learn about the full Ion|StormPro® product line firsthand.

Metropolitan’s Ion|StormPro display trailer features a water display, pumps and control equipment giving visitors a unique way to learn about the product line.

Since its premier appearance at the Illinois-PHCC show, Metropolitan has a conducted a number of counter days at plumbing supply houses featuring the trailer.  Participating in such counter days assists both customers and suppliers in learning more about the product line and new products soon to be released.

“Thus far, reception toward our display trailer has been very positive at counter days,” says Metropolitan Salesperson James Spurney.  “It’s a different, but unique and effective way for customers to learn about the product line from those who know it best.”

Spurney says that while visitors of supply houses are often left impressed, those employed at supply houses also benefit from trailer exposure.

Late last week, Metropolitan held a counter day at the Kankakee, IL branch of Connor Co.  Branch Manager Lonnie Surprenant found Metropolitan’s participation in the counter day both rewarding to visitors and his staff.

“The trailer itself is very impressive and the set-up is great because people are able to learn about the products face to face with Metropolitan employees,” says Surprenant.  “It also brings a lot to the table for us at Connor because we too can learn from the Metropolitan sales staff.”

In addition to the Ion|StormPro® trailer, the Budd Road Boyz Racing Team dragster was also present for this counter day.

“At the end of the day it’s all about the quality of our products and customer service,” says Spurney.  “With the display trailer, we can demonstrate both and hopefully educate customers and supply house personnel on Ion|StormPro® products.”

For more information regarding the Ion|StormPro® product line, please call 800-323-1665 or visit www.ionstormpro.com.

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