March 4, 2014

Metropolitan’s Remote Monitoring System Package

Metropolitan Industries offers a reliable, secure and simple solution to keep you informed with 24-hour supervisory ability. When you connect MetroMail™ to MetroCloud™, users receive alarm notification on applications where landline capabilities are not an option.

MetroCloud™ provides the Wireless WWAN connection to the Internet to make communication possible.  Connecting the low cost MetroMail™, alarm monitoring system and MetroCloud™, M2M router provides customers with the most cost effective cellular alarm notification system on the market today.  When used with SCADA systems, it will protect what’s important at a treatment facility, lift station or pump house by remotely monitoring tank levels, pump status, power failure, equipment failure, flow rates, security, etc.

The MetroMail™ and MetroCloud™ package was installed in a control box for the Village of Glenview.

The MetroMail™ and MetroCloud™ package was installed in a control box for the Village of Glenview.

With basic, simple to use functionality for applications along with the unique flexibility for meeting specific requirements, this package makes it the best option to fit any solution. The MetroCloud™ provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single basic unit certified on all major US cellular operators (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). The MetroCloud™ is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

MetroCloud™ automatically resolves common problems associated with wireless M2M connectivity, providing unique flexibility that allows customers and system integrators to tailor the product to their solution or even site-specific requirements. MetroCloud™ incorporates two hardware expansion slots that allow the MetroCloud™ to be enhanced with additional radio or wired interfaces. The Wifi and RS-232/RS-485 expansion cards are simple and quick to install, allowing field upgrade of the device when new functionality is required.

The automated cloud provisioning system means that each device can be set with its own custom configuration and image that is automatically loaded from the cloud when it initially connects to the Internet. MetroCloud™ allows simple integration and provisioning of customer or system integrator middleware and applications on the device. Metropolitan can power the MetroCloud™ with all major US cellular operators with the option of dual redundant cellular activations that works as a failsafe in case one cell carrier goes down.

The amount of data required for MetroMail™ with MetroCloud™ can be as low as $10 a month. Contact your Metropolitan sales representative today for more details.