February 11, 2013

Metropolitan expands warehouse doors

Construction of our warehouse doors took place in January.

In an effort to further accommodate our customers and streamline the production process of projects, Metropolitan recently completed the major renovations of two warehouse doors.

“Door five, located on the far south side of our warehouse, has been widened from 14 feet wide to 20 feet wide, and door two, located on the north side, has been widened from 12 feet wide to 18 feet wide,” said Metropolitan fabrication department manager Bob Svoboda. “Our belief is that this expansion will not only allow us to ship systems more efficiency, but also allow us to house and ship larger equipment than in the past.”

Svoboda said the extension of both doors will most significantly impact the production of housed structures, allowing Metropolitan’s fabrication and electrical departments to complete housed systems more proficiently.

“Typically, housed systems begin the production process near door five in the fabrication department, are then moved near door two for electrical wiring, and are moved back to door five for shipment,” said Svoboda. “With the expansion of these doors, housed systems can be shipped directly out of door two, eliminating some of the time associated with shipment.”

Svoboda said the expansions have already paid Metropolitan positive dividends, as we recently welcomed the largest housed system in our 55-year history into production.

The expansion of our warehouse doors will allow us to develop and ship larger systems than ever before.

“Had we not expanded our warehouse doors, we would have faced several complex challenges in developing and shipping this new housed system,” said Svoboda.  “We’re a customer-first company and when we need to adapt, we are committed to making the appropriate alterations to our facility to serve our customers.  The changes made to our warehouse doors will significantly help with the production of this system and with projects in the future.”

For more information regarding our prefabricated housed systems, including pump, boiler and mechanical rooms, please visit www.metropolitanind.com or contact sales@metropolitanind.com.

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