June 20, 2017

Metering Customer Satisfaction

Metering Customer Satisfaction

Since our founding, Metropolitan Industries has been motivated by one central focus: A job well done. Though it would be nice if the criteria that marks “well done” were as easy to measure as gallons per minute, horsepower, or pressure, we set the bar well above these basic quantifiable measurements.

At Metropolitan, we believe that the true measure of success comes in the way of the customer experience during the project and long after it is complete. To help ensure that our customers experience the very best from our products and services, be it pumps, control systems, or related equipment, we keep in touch. Sometimes, however, our customers reach out to us to let us know that things are going well, and those are some of our favorite emails.

Last year, we worked on a lift station project for a global consumer products company that was looking to update their infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their wastewater flow. More specifically, this customer wanted more reliable equipment that would allow for closer monitoring and more accurate effluent water metering. To meet these needs, Metropolitan engineers worked closely with the customer to design a custom control building that would be manufactured to their specifications. In addition to meeting flow requirements, the three-room building needed to include space and equipment for water monitoring, including one room with two samplers for constant testing. After delivery and hands on training with Metropolitan engineers, the system was quickly up and running. However, the real story here is one of continued success.

This customer recently emailed to say that the quality and accuracy of our lift station and its unique prefabricated control building – built entirely indoors at Metropolitan’s Illinois facility – allowed the company to recognize more than a 50% decrease in flow rates compared to the old equipment that was over-measuring. This, in turn, led to a sharp 40% decrease in their sewer bill.

For us, that is a job well done. Even without the quantifiable details – which are impressive, to say the least – knowing that the customer is satisfied tells us we really hit the mark.

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